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Distinguished Alumni


2016 NCKU Distinguished Alumni Award | All of NCKU Distinguished Alumni Award

2016 NCKU Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Cathy J. Wei
Dr. Cathy J. Wei, graduated in 1979 from the Department of Chinese Literature at NCKU, is a professor at Pasadena City College, CA, and is the President of the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Southern California. In 2011, she received the Pacific Regional Faculty Member Award from the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) for her excellence in innovation and teaching methods development. 
Dr. Yang Yang
Professor Yang Yang, graduated in 1982 from the Department of Physics at NCKU, is a chair professor of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Professor Yang's major research areas are in solar energy and highly efficient electronic devices. In 2016, he was selected as one of the only 19 "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds" by Thomson Reuters.
Dr. Yao-Chung Chiang
Mr. Yao-Chung Chiang obtained his BS from the Department of Systems and Naval Mechatronic Engineering in 1974 and his MS from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1976, both at NCKU. Dr. Chiang was elected as Chairman of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation in October 2016. He has been reputed for his substantial contributions to Taiwan’s MRT, aviation and steel industries. In particular, his pursuit of continual development and his vision for value innovation have made him an extraordinary business leader. 
Mr. Shen-Shan Sun
Mr. Shen-Shan Sun, a graduate in 1958 from the Department of Chemical Engineering at NCKU, is the founder and the current president of Yu Feng Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd. Mr. Sun has devoted himself to the development and manufacturing of specialty rubber products widely used in electrical capacitors. Apart from his entrepreneurship, Mr. Sun has also been ardent in promoting public welfare, making frequent and regular donations to NCKU and the society, including a huge donation in the amount of millions of New Taiwan dollars made to NCKU from his personal pension for setting up the Archives of Chemical Engineering in Taiwan at NCKU. 
Mr. Han-Lie Zheng
Mr. Han-Lie Zheng, a graduate in 1980 from the Department of Civil Engineering at NCKU, is the founder and the current president of the Castle Park Development Co., Ltd. in the Indonesia Economic Cooperation Zones. Apart from his commitment to the development of mining in Indonesia, Mr. Zheng has also been zealous in promoting public welfare, making frequent donations to schools and the society as well as sponsoring charitable events.
Mr. Shih-Jye Cheng
Mr. Shih-Jye Cheng, graduated in 1982 from the Department of Electrical Engineering at NCKU, is chairman and director / CEO of the ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES INC., a world leader in the semiconductor packaging and testing industry, with its capacities of packaging and testing of liquid crystal display (LCD) driver ranked second in the world. He has contributed greatly to providing career opportunities in the technology industry, and has also made frequent donations to his home department, sponsoring low-income students and providing scholarships for graduate students. 
Mr. Wu, Teh-Chuan
Mr. Wu, Teh-Chuan, a graduate in 1958 from the Department of Electrical Engineering at NCKU, is the president of Lelon Electronics Corp. Mr. Wu has devoted himself to the development and manufacturing of electrolytic capacitors, and has been well recognized as a leader of the electronic industry in Taiwan. Apart from his successful entrepreneurship, Mr. Wu has honored his fellow alumni and Alma mater also through his zeal in promoting public welfare, making frequent donations to school activities and sponsoring charitable events.
Dr. Yung-Chang Chang
Dr. Yung-Chang Chang, a graduate in 1976 from the Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science (TCM) at NCKU, is the Managing Director of Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection (FETC) Co., Ltd. It was under Dr. Chang's leadership that the world's first nationwide electronic toll collection (ETC) system for freeways was built and has since become the locomotive in the development of intelligent transportation system along with related domestic industries such as manufacturing, photonics, information, telecommunications, and financing. Since 1982, Dr. Chang has been an adjunct assistant professor in TCM and has consistently contributed to NCKU.
Dr. Chung-Szu Hsieh
Dr. Chung-Szu Hsieh, graduated in 1990 from the Department of Post-baccalaureate Medicine at NCKU, is currently the Medical Deputy Superintendent of Fangliao General Hospital. Influenced by Dr. Kun-Yan Huang, the founding dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Hsieh has devoted more than 20 years of his career to serving rural area patients and has helped establish the Fangliao General Hospital Intensive Care Unit. His professionalism, conscientiousness and pragmatism in his service in rural countryside are epitomic of NCKU's founding spirits, thus making him a role model for all NCKU students.