●CK-Bike, as one of the NCKU Smart Campus, is launched on March 1st.

●500 CK-Bike are available for NCKU digital ID card holders, free for the first 60 minutes then NT$5 every 30 minutes

●NCKU will conduct further research on smart transport, and offer students with new business model and entrepreneur opportunity.


Not just green, but smart! As part of NCKU Smart Campus, the smart CK-Bike, the first University-owned bike sharing system, is launched on the 1st March, 2018. Chipped and connected, these smart bikes will collect data for future research of campus road safety and the development of future smart transport management system.


NCKU presidentDr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the InteriorMr. Shun Chih Wang, Bureau of Transportation, Tainan City Government Mr. Wan Ying Hsiung and Hui Chung Chuang , NCKU The Secretary General Professor Ching-Chang Lee,and Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science Dr. Chien-hung Wei attended the CK-Bike launch ceremony.


“The CK-Bikes introduces a lifestyle not just green, but also smart. Big Data of CK-Bike project will empower NCKU to construct future smart transportation and smart city. This project also aims to inspire students to create new business models and entrepreneur opportunity“, said president Su.


“With a CK-bike, I can travel easily and fast within the campus.” Said Zhan Dong Ling, a NCKU sophomore (2nd year student), after his first CK-Bike ride. “With a NCKU digital card, the process for sign-in and pick-up takes less than one minute. It’s useful, friendly and very convenient”, said Huang Xuan Yao, a NCKU junior (3rd year) student.


Five CK-Bike stations will be set up at Medical School, Main Library, Zhong Zheng Memorial Hall, Old Library and Banyan Garden.


The CK-Bike station gate will be empowered by the NCKU digital ID card and the chipped bike upon each entry and exit. This design of “one station one gate” reduces the capital investment of bike station setup, compared to the usual “one bike one gate”. The identity of each user and his/her bike will also be scanned and recorded.


Two types of CK-Bike will be available. 100 customized new bikes and 400 general bikes, including some bikes which were previously dumped in campus. At this stage, CK-Bike will only be available for NCKU digital ID holders. It’s free for the first 60 minutes then NT$ 5 for every 30 minutes. In the future, CK Bike will be available for non-NCKU, credit card users.


Further analysis and research will be conducted with CK-Bike data of cycling routes, use time and frequency, starting point and finish points, etc. Air quality detection will also be a future option. A NCKU student committee will take over the operation management of CK-Bike in April. This will offer an opportunity for students to gain valuable hands-on management experience.


NCKU is a member university of “Sustainablilty Intelligent Community, initiated by the Architecture Research Institute of the Ministry of Interior (MOI)in 2016.

Provider : News Center
Date : 2018-03-15
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