CLT sows seeds of drama over NCKU

The Art Center at NCKU has invited TSMC Education and Culture Foundation to join its Art Residency Program this year. Peking Opera artist and founder of Contemporary Legend Theatre (CLT), Hsing-Kuo Wu led CLT members in a series of workshops to engage NCKU students interested in performing arts in the second semester of the academic year 2017. These activities were organized into the course “Comprehensive Performing Art Workshop,” in which students are exposed to a variety of theatrical skills and performing techniques. The aim of the course was to promote Peking Opera among the students, in order to help the next generation appreciate the beauty of this traditional art.

Opera stars such as Administrative Director Hsiu-Wei Lin, opera singer Founding member Pao-Shan Ma, professional Company Manager/Senior actor Ching-Ping Chang, as well as many young CLT members, will take turns conducting five sessions and two workshops, and organizing a performance from this past March till June. In classes so far, these opera artists have demonstrated “Sigong Wufa (the four skills and five canons of Peking Opera,” which comprise all the bodily movements and verbal skills required of traditional Peking Opera. They were impressed by NCKU students, who showed enthusiasm and energy as they worked to imitate the suggestive movements required of Peking Opera.

Mei-Hua Kao Ph.D, deputy director of the Art Center, pointed out that the Center has for many years given student troupes a lot of support, and has coordinated with NCKU College of Liberal Arts Drama Program and the Center for General Education in creating a broad curriculum. The Center invited CLT to conduct workshops in NCKU in 2013, which were highly popular. The course starting this semester is well-organized and rich in content. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about traditional drama. The CLT gave a performance called Water Margin 108 II - The Hall of Righteousness at the Eternal Golden Castle in mid-April. For this performance, many NCKU students helped with stage setup and rehearsals; a select few featured in the performance. The most eagerly anticipated Waiting for Godot will be performed at Cheng Kung Hall, Kuang-Fu Campus, on June 29 this year.

The president of NCKU, Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su said, “NCKU is a locally rooted university, and we assume responsibility for influencing our younger generations. We have made proactive effort to create space for the performing arts. Now we hope to see our students apply their ample imagination and creativity to theatrical production. We want to express our gratitude to the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation ; due to their concerted efforts, we are able to enrich the lives of our students and bring more possibilities and heart-warming moments to our local communities.”

Chun-Lang Hsu, the chief executive officer of TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, stated, “A university plays a central part in a city. It provides educational and humanistic resources.” TSMC Education and Culture Foundation has long been committed to the promotion and dissemination of fine arts and cultural activities. They conduct a wide range of arts and cultural activities under the name of TSMC Hsin-Chu Arts Festival in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan, with a hope of enriching the spiritual lives of local people.

Shao-Feng Chiu, a senior majoring in architecture, told us that she enrolled in a drama course this semester and she enjoys the sophisticated performance rendered by CLT, because “it is a rare opportunity to see such high-class performance at school. These performances discard old-time rules and restrictions; instead, they adroitly use body movements to make a rhyme and render delightfully surprising monologues. This is immensely inspirational.” Another interviewee, Chiao-Hsin Chi, who studies at the Institute of Art Studies, enjoyed the lectures provided by the opera masters, who, according to her, knew how to share their experience with their target listeners, and always gave unexpected joy to the audience. “The Art Residency Program has so far organized a series of meaningful activities, which help our students better appreciate the beauty of Chinese opera and drama.”
Provider : new center
Date : 2018-05-03
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