Prof. Pao-Shan Yu Appointed As New Dean of NCKU College of Engineering

Tainan, Taiwan, August 5th, 2010

Prof. Pao-Shan Yu of Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, experienced in the fields of hydrological analysis, water resources engineering, flood report and rainfall run-off models, is officially appointed as the new Dean of College of Engineering on August 1st, 2010.

The newly-appointed Prof. Pao-Shan Yu, born in 1954, received his bachelor degree of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering at National Cheng Kung University, master degree of Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University, and doctoral degree at University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Prof. Yu has been the Chairman of NCKU Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, Vice Dean of NCKU College of Engineering, Member of Publication Committee, Journal of Chinese Institute of Engineers, Member of Academic Committee, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineers, and Member of Accreditation Council, Institute of Engineering Education, and is currently the Member of The National Committee for IUGG, Taiwan, and Convenor of Flood and Drought Disasters Reduction Division, National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction.

Prof. Pao-Shan Yu, who teaches courses in Hydrology, Hydro-electricity Engineering, Intermediate Hydrology and Stochastic Hydrology, has published 35 SCI papers and more than 300 referred papers in national and international journals and technical reports.

Prof. Yu has also received Student Paper Award of Proceedings of First Conference on Environmental Informatics in 2003, Excellent Teaching Award of Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering in 2003, Excellent Research Award, of College of Engineering at NCKU in 2004, Student Paper Award of TGIS Conference in 2004, Outstanding Contributions in Science and Technology of National Applied Research Laboratories in 2007 and Outstanding Engineering Professor Award of The Chinese Institute of Engineers in 2007.

Dean Pao-Shan Yu has a strong ambition for the future development of College of Engineering, planning to maintain the advantages of NCKU College of Engineering in Taiwan, contribute to the engineering education, research and service, and elevate the research standard of the college to international standard by encouraging and motivating teachers who have great performance in research, teaching and industry to assist college affairs and jointly promote the international competitiveness of NCKU College of Engineering.

In teaching, Prof. Pao-Shan Yu suggested to strengthen students’ employability and elevate graduates’ competitiveness to become the most competitive talents in the industry. In research, Prof. Yu expected to reinforce field integration, thus teachers’ research achievements can upgrade to international research standard. In service, Prof. Yu hoped to promote social contribution and increase the college’s influence in industry.
Provider : 新聞中心
Date : 99-08-10
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