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NCKU launches Taiwan’s first orchid wine

Tainan, Taiwan, February 25, 2015

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Research Center of Orchid in Tainan, Taiwan, has been devoted to orchid research for years and successfully developed several items of orchid products including facial care, cosmetics and perfume. Now an orchid wine is created and ready to be served at your dinner table.

NCKU Distinguished Professor Dr. Hong-Hwa Chen from the Department of Life Sciences said, I-Shin Venus, the new breed of Phalaenopsis, crowned for its sweet aroma and elegant figure, is an ideal ingredient for wine.

We turn the delicate aroma into great wine for you to enjoy, said Chen who led a research team to cooperate with local farmers and develop the orchid wine.

Adding the fragrance of orchid to wine, the orchid wine developed by Chen’s team is the first attempt to take orchid as wine ingredient.

The team is thinking about taking an orchid flower into the wine bottle to add up the visual effect.

With its elegant aroma and especially its reparative and protective properties, orchid is not only a gorgeous home decoration which may improve your health but also the most important plant in pioneering orchid biotechnology products, according to Chen.

Chen’s team has developed “orchid embryonin” extracted from orchid embryo and created a line of facial products in 2013.
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Date : 2015.02.26
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