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NCKU hosts strategic planning meeting to propose its vision

Tainan, Taiwan, March 23, 2015

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) hosts a strategic planning meeting on March 21, and, through collaborative process, a strategic plan has established to guide the work of university over the next several years.

New NCKU President Jenny Huey-Jen Su announced the creation of a new strategic plan during her Inauguration address on January 30, noting that the plan would serve as the future foundation of the university.

NCKU President Su sits with her executive staff to develop a shared vision of its future and goals for the university at the meeting which will focus essential resources on academic programs, campus planning, and community partnerships.

President Su’s executive staff which is the university’s senior leadership team includes NCKU’s Executive Vice President Cheng-Hung Huang, Executive Vice President Tung-Yang Chen, Vice President of Academic Affairs Ming-Derg Lai, Vice President of Student Affairs Yuk-Ying Tung, Vice President of General Affairs Chyan-Deng Jan, and The Secretary General Yung-Nane Yang.

Former Minister of the Interior Lee Hong-Yuan who is also NCKU Alumni is invited to gives a talk on University Social Responsibility.

With its 85-year history, NCKU has grown into a research-led comprehensive university with high reputation in many fields, according to President Su who added, “We will build on NCKU’s long traditions while fostering a culture in which innovation plays an important role.”

“This is the first strategic planning meeting and the second meeting with a larger scale is scheduled in June to include the faculty and student representatives,” President Su said.

“More people in the university community will be involved and further detailed questions and discussion are welcomed,” she noted.

In his talk, Lee points out problems in Taiwan’s academia and advised NCKU to know its advantages and take even greater advantage of its distributed strengths to initiate innovative research which will have great impact on society.
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Date : 104.03.23
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