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NCKU takes the way forward to excellence

Tainan, Taiwan, May 8, 2015

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is committed to not only scholarly excellence but a more inclusive campus where everyone in the community is valued, according to NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su who hosted a press conference today in Tainan to share her efforts in the last three months and articulate an overall vision for NCKU.

President Su said, NCKU will cooperate with Tainan City Government to help local orchid industry find its niche in European markets, and commercializing orchid products in the Czech Republic will be the first step.

Upon taking the position in February, she had launched an ambitious effort to convene a strategic plan committee meeting which includes bold aspirations and new initiatives for NCKU.

Internationalization, diversity, development and interdisciplinary cooperation all have advanced since President Su takes over the university.

As the first woman to hold the position in NCKU's 84-year history, President Su encouraged a positive campus culture of sexual respect and committee to a gender equality agenda. Unisex toilets had been built recently in NCKU.

Her qualities of mind and heart, especially her sense of fairness and commitment to excellence are ideally suited to the challenges that NCKU and all universities and colleges around the world will face in the coming years.

Graduated from the School of Public Health in Harvard University, President Su is an active member in numerous educational organizations and academic communities. In her presidency, her administration group makes good use of the messaging app Line to keep President Su well-informed.

With a capacity for strong and clear-sighted leadership, she also urges cross-college cooperation for interdisciplinary research.

With the background of environmental health sciences, President Su put much emphasis on environment-related issues. To run a paperless office on campus is one of her many initiatives to construct NCKU a green campus.

President Su pinpointed that universities can function as a platform for knowledge and understanding in tackling climate change, linking it to other stakeholders.

In April, Professor Karen Seto from Yale University was invited to give a talk on Climate Change Mitigation and a conference on water resources was also held to battle the worst drought Taiwan is facing in over a decade after the lowest rainfall in nearly 70 years.

In addition, Academician Cheng-Ming Chuong from the University of Southern California (USC) and Academician Ching-Wu Chu, international pioneer of high-temperature superconductivity, were invited to give talks in April.

More good news celebrating NCKU as a place of academic excellence unveiled recently. A medical discovery made by joint effort between NCKU in Taiwan and University of California in the USA, published in Nature in March, provides new insight into how inflammation triggers tissue repair and regeneration, as well as a healing pathway to treat IBDs.

In February, the university revealed s team led by Prof. Tse-Ming Chen from the Department of Physics, in cooperation with Cavendish Laboratory, and University College of London in UK, developed an all-electric all-semiconductor spin FET. Their results published in the January 2015 issue of Nature Nanotechnology with additional introduction in news &views article written by Marc Cahay.

With its 84-year history, NCKU has grown into a research-led comprehensive university with high reputation in many fields, according to President Su who added, “We will build on NCKU’s long traditions while fostering a culture in which innovation plays an important role.”
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Date : 2015.05.08
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