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NCKU President renews agreement with Johannes Kepler University Linz

Tainan, Taiwan, July 10, 2015

NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su visited a total of 5 universities in middle Europe, July 8-10, not only to promote academic exchange but also to consolidate present collaboration with partner universities.

President Su said, NCKU aims to establish more academic relationships with universities in Europe.

She noted that by efficient communication and cooperation with partner institutes, NCKU is on its way to one of the top universities around the globe.

President Su arrived at Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) on the afternoon of July 9 to renew the agreement with Prof. Richard Hagelauer.

NCKU first signed the agreement with JKU in 2004. This is the third time the agreement is amended.

There have been 50 exchange students between NCKU and JKU. The students experience different educational and cultural environment, learning both in and out of class.

President Su stated that JKU started as a university focusing on science and engineering. Like NCKU, the department of medicine is later established.

Prof. Hagelauer praised the academic development of NCKU which is emphasized by exchange students to the university.

NCKU president Su said that NCKU and JKU both embrace the attitude of respect practicality and during academic exchange. The two universities cherish the opportunity and quality of exchange.

On the basis of education, the agreement of NCKU and JKU aim to continue their cooperation and friendship, and thus enhance mutual understanding and strengthen academic relationship.

The renew edition stated that there will be three exchange students each year or two each semester. To enable the students to adapt to the new learning environment, the two universities will provide accommodation help and tuition subsidies.

To cultivate mutual understanding between the institutes and to strengthen bilateral relations, on July 8, President Su visited the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology, in addition to attending the banquet held by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

The visitations made by the NCKU delegation were also accompanied by official personnel from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vienna.

During her visit to the University of Vienna, President Su called upon Rector Heinz Engl and Heinz Fassmann, Vice Rector for Human Resources Development and International Relations at the University of Vienna.

The delegation led by Su received a very warm welcome, exchanging pleasant and friendly conversation.

Heinz W. Engl said, “The University of Vienna puts great emphasis on the fundamental sciences and their applications in different fields of interest,” citing “mathematical intervention may play a part in drug development” as an example.

In addition to speaking of the Viennese institute’s academic accomplishments, the rector also inquired into the possible fields of collaboration that could be established with NCKU.

Su replied warmly to the sentiments, saying that “NCKU has accumulated outstanding results in previous academic research”, both in its international collaboration with American and Australian institutes in the field of water resources, as well as making great headway in the areas of biomedical sciences and pharmacology.

Heinz Engl expressed great willingness in establishing future academia collaboration between the University of Vienna and NCKU.

The afternoon exertion to the Vienna University of Technology was also well received, where President Su visited Dr. Adalbert Prechtl, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, and the Head of International Relations, Andreas Zemann.

The genial conversations between the parties appear to herald great possibilities for further international collaboration between the institutes.

Prechtl was heard to suggest that “the two sides should first agree on a research topic” in order to facilitate future exchanges with NCKU.

He adds that “the graduate students for the exchange program would be ideal, with precedence given to doctoral students, followed by those of master degrees.”

President Su points out that Austria has strong academic connotations and breeds quality academics, and in order for NCKU to move towards becoming an international institution, the exchange cannot be purely friendship.

“In Southeast Asia, the academic status of NCKU has long been recognized,” Su adds, “and as a model of status, should show its leadership standing, and help the development and improvements of other institutes.”

To complete the relationship-building themed schedule, President Su, accompanied by Head of the Education Division, Xiang-Yueh Wang, also attended the welcome party hosted by Ambassador Lien-Gene Chen of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vienna.
Provider : NCKU News
Date : 2015/7/10
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