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Student creative projects showcased at NCKU

Tainan, Taiwan, January 6, 2016

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) students displayed their creative talents in a recent exhibition. A total of 34 projects from 138 students were showcased at the Multifunction Room on Kung-Fu Campus.

This is the final presentation of a course instructed by Prof. Chun-Juei Chou from the Department of Industrial Design.

NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su, together with Prof. Fong-Gong Wu, Dean of the College of Planning and Design, visited the exhibition and gave advice to the students.

The students are from very different backgrounds. Many of them are not from design departments but from engineering college or even medical school. Therefore, the projects are interdisciplinary and original.

One of the projects displayed an innovative design for motorcycles. Students Wu Jun-Ru, Li Wei-Yu, and Xie shun-Bo, designed an auxiliary wheel attaching to the bottom of side stand which can move around.

The control of the wheel is at the motorcycle rear so that people can easily pull out the motorcycle without squashing into the row.

Student He Song-Ying, Wu Ting-Jia, Hua Jian-Ming, and Xu Hong-Ren designed a staircase combining light and sound to solve the problem of walking in the dark or stamping on the empty.

The stair handrail can light one’s way, and the stair will beep to warn that there are three stairs left. The Last stair is also broadened to prevent people from taking an infirm step.

Considering the power shortage at night in Sudan, a team proposed a social enterprise program to raise funds and power generation equipment from United Nations, NGO, and business so Sudanese can make ceramics and weave at night, earning more money.
Provider : NCKU News
Date : 2016/01/06
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