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NCKU celebrates Chinese New Year with international friends in Taiwan

Tainan, Taiwan, January 30, 2016

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) hosted a Chinese New Year Gala for all the international community members in Taiwan on January 30 at Multi-functional Hall, Kuang Fu Campus, NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the event starting from 11:30 am to 2pm kicks off with Lion dance, Electric-Techno Neon Gods, and folk dance.

At the opening, Director of the Chinese Language Center (CLC) Prof. Mei-Chien Ho welcomed all the guests and said, Chinese New Year is the grandest traditional festival for people in Taiwan. We hope in today’s event, friends from the world will experience the real culture of Chinese New Year.

NCKU’s Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Yueh-Min Huang said, “We hope the Chinese New Year Gala can let the foreigners feel that they are with our local students to experience the tradition.”

This is an event focusing on international community and the International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) did a live coverage of the event. Tim Berge, the General Manager of ICRT said, “It’s very nice that you guys combine both traditional and some modern aspects.”

“The modern aspects still had a very clear Chinese and Taiwanese cultural side to it but at the same time it was updated and using more recent music so the crowd can enjoy it. And I think everyone just now getting into the fun,” Tim Berge added.

Following the opening, Chinese New Year cuisine are served, including dumplings, rice cake, steamed sponge cake, rice crispy, radish cake.

In addition, participants can take the chance to write on red couplets and make dumplings by themselves.

Michael Homer, an American student from UC Berkeley, said, “Now is my fourth year of studying Chinese, at this point, I just really love the language, for me studying Chinese is like studying a new way of looking at the world, it’s very different from the west and from English.”

Homer came to CLC studying Chinese last October and he said, “I really learn a lot about Chinese culture or Asian culture just from both living in Taiwan and studying the language.”

Susannah Derrett from the UK who is the hostess of the opening and said, “The event went smoothly and I enjoyed watching the performance as well and especially eating the food.”

Kristina Erhard from Germany said, “At the end of my staying in Taiwan, to experience the Chinese New Year is really nice. The Drama, Dancers, and Lion Dance are all amazing. I had written the red couplet. I feel good to get this experience. I want to thank those friendly Taiwanese people.”
Provider : NCKU News
Date : 2016/01/30
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