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2017 Taiwan WHO Simulation kicks off at NCKU with 240 medical students sharing

  • Taiwan WHO Simulation開幕 近240位醫學生齊聚成大
  • Taiwan WHO Simulation開幕 近240位醫學生齊聚成大
  • Taiwan WHO Simulation開幕 近240位醫學生齊聚成大
  • Taiwan WHO Simulation開幕 近240位醫學生齊聚成大
Tainan, Taiwan, January 19, 2017

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is currently hosting a special international conference organized by a group of medical students in Taiwan. 2017 Taiwan World Health Organization (WHO) Simulation, the first conference in Asia modeling the WHA (World Health Assembly), kicked off on January 18 with 240 students from over 20 countries including America, Finland, Japan, Korea, Sudan, India, and Indonesia.

About 80 students are from foreign countries, said Yu-Chieh Yang, Director-General of Taiwan WHO Simulation, adding, “I hope we will seize the opportunity to share experience, exchange ideas, and forge friendship, performing national diplomacy during the four-day conference.”

A grand opening was held on the morning of January 18 at NCKU. Tainan City Mayor Ching-Te Lai and NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su welcomed the students from around the world on behalf of their respective institutes.

Mayor Lai gave his remark and said, “As Taiwan cannot receive valuable information and assistance from the WHO due to the limitation caused by political reasons, it is, therefore, through this simulation conference that Taiwanese medical students could cultivate the global perspective and train talents in international medical diplomacy.”

In her talk, NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su, a public health expert, gave an overview of how the university is able to interact and make social contributions, going from education to practice.

President Su also highlighted the value of social justice when she talked to the students. She said, “What’s carrying in our heart is every human being is equal so whatever we can do would bring this world to a better peace.”

“Wherever you go, we are all the part of the network and the community, we are all part of the public health people,” she said when encouraging the students to care about the disparity of social economy status in medical care.

Yang, a student from the College of Medicine in NCKU, said that this is a great honor for him to organize such a great event with his fellow students.

Yang claimed, “Interacting across cultures peacefully through mutual respect is our dream, and I am sure that we will realize this dream in the following days.”

Here with all 240 delegates we can work together to tackle the toughest challenges we are facing now, he added.

Janki Milind Chaudhary, a medical student from Mumbai, India, said that this is her first time to join the simulation and she is looking forward to the discussion is happening here.

Chaudhary who is representing Bermuda in the simulation said, “I will do anything I can do to change the system of public health and I see this is a very good opportunity to do that.”

“I would like to see the problem happening in Bermuda is addressed in the simulation,” she added.

According to Yang, 2017 Taiwan WHO Simulation is the very first in Asia-Pacific. Based on the main idea of the IFMSA, "Think Globally, Act Locally," Taiwan WHO simulation not only tackles international affairs but also keep an eye on local health issues in the hosting city.

In the four-day conference, the participants, or delegates, with different scopes of viewpoints, will evaluate situations through local governing to regional cooperation and world-wide relationship.

They will act as the national health officers of member states or the ambassadors of NGOs to cope with the problems and negotiate with others by altering their positions to an unfamiliar character.

2017 Taiwan WHO Simulation hosted by FMS-TW at NCKU from January 18 to 21.
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Date : 2017-01-19
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