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NCKU hosts orientation for new international students

  • NCKU hosts orientation for new international students
  • NCKU hosts orientation for new international students
  • NCKU hosts orientation for new international students
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) recently welcomed the latest batch of international students and in the orientation conference hosted by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) on February 18, you can see the students who felt equally excited and nervous stepping into a new world of study and experiences.

NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su extended her warmest welcome to the new international students and gave a short overview of the university to assure them of their university life would be fruitful and fulfilling.

Ralph Nicolai Nasara, a PhD student of material sciences and engineering, kindly offered his advice to the new members in the university community saying, “You should always up for the challenges and for the tests.”

“New students are trying to adjust the new environment and most of them might not feel comfortable to the new things or the new practice that they see,” he added, “and as a new student you should always be receptive about the new changes.”

I guarantee Taiwan culture is one of the nicest culture I have experienced, said Ralph, a Philippine student, who has been to Tainan, Taiwan for two and half years.

Talking about his life in NCKU, Ralph claimed that the most impressive thing in campus life here is that people are always willing to give a helping hand.

Matthew Diemer, an American student who is now studying in the Institute of International Management (IIMBA), said that he is expecting his study here in NCKU would be very diversified.

Matthew went to Peking University years ago and has been in Asia for more than twelve years so far. He said, “It’s quite natural for me to find the best university in this area where I can still be in the culture speaking Chinese and learn how to work with more people in the business.

“Taiwan is the best place to come and NCKU is on the list of best university in Taiwan and in Asia,” Matthew added.

Another new student in the IIMBA program Jeff Yeung Sam Wai comes from Rose Hill, the Republic of Mauritius. He is surely a very special member in the university community for being the first student from Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation.

Jeff was an IT student in Australia and worked in the Hsinchu Science Park for three years, and now he came to NCKU to study business. “My family business is photography. My father is a professional photographer and my mom helps him in business. I always want to improve my family business and that’s why I continue my education here in NCKU,” he said.

Jeff claimed that he very much enjoys his walk around the campus and he has great expectation for the new life here in NCKU.

According to OIA, Orientation gives new students the chance to find out about the facilities and support that will them help throughout their study journey and provide them with the opportunity to meet and network with other new students and connect with academic staff.

Some of the countries represented in the newest batch include the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Mauritius, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The one-day orientation included introductions to and a warm welcome from the department faculty, staff, and students.

Advice on life here in Taiwan was also given, topics ranging from the best places to eat, to how to get around both the island and city and more.
Provider : NCKU News
Date : 2017/03/10
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