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2017 全球移動力論壇-吆喝出的舞台

【場地Venue: 一活多功能聽/Multifunctional Room , Kuang Fu Campus】...

<![CDATA[20160613 Global Forum - Body Language in Different Countries (肢體語言大不同)]]>

20160613 Global Forum --- Body Language in Different Countries (肢體語言大不同)

This is an all-English forum. 【本場講座全程以英文進行】


<![CDATA[Global Forum-Islamic Awareness Day 球移動力論壇-穆斯林文化講座及展覽]]> 2016-03-02 <![CDATA[Come to be a TASCer!]]> 第三屆台美學生會議開始招募囉!



想和外國人一起深入討論你所關心的社會議題? 想有所作為、實際行動改變嗎?



Are you looking for international experience this summer?

Are there any social issues you want to discuss with foreigners? Do you hope to make a difference?

Come to be a TASCer!

【第三屆台美學生會議 校園說明會 成大場】

活動日期 Date: Dec. 18, 2015 (Fri.)

活動時間 Time: 19:00 - 20:00

活動地點 Venue: 國際會議廳 第三演講室 International Conference Hall, Third Lecture Hall

報名表單 Online sign-up: http://goo.gl/forms/GTEP9Ihkyx


TASC 官方網站 TASC Official Website: http://www.taiwan-america.org/taiwan-application.html

TASC 官方粉絲團 TASC Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/taiwan.america/?fref=ts

<![CDATA[【HOT】Welcome to join "Eyes on Fashion" workshop]]> EYES on FASHION WORKSHOP

Registration link: https://goo.gl/8nPqTG

● Aims
● Theory/workshop topic
The presentation – in English – consists of two parts of our ‘education programme’ EYE ON FASHION: the first part will discuss the VISUAL MERCHANDISING part of fashion and the second part will discuss the BRAND IDENTITY part of fashion.
Based on the experiences and professional expertise of the team, derived from their work within the textile, fashion and design industry, their trend forecasting and market study, 4-OPTIONS has developed an ‘education programme’. This programme offers theory in combination with personalized workshops and seminars, to meet the needs of an individual employer and a specific event or topic.
● Date and time
The theory/workshop will be held on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of November 2015, starting from 09:30 AM until 05:00 PM.
● Theory/workshop schedule
1.1. Agenda theory/workshop day 1 and 2
1.2. Introduction of 4-OPTIONS studio with company video
1.3. Presentation of 4-OPTIONS studio portfolio
1.4. Introduction EDUCATION programme developed by 4-OPTIONS studio
2.1. Agenda workshop day 2
2.2. Case 4-OPTIONS studio
2.4. Workshop BRAND IDENTITY
● Venue
C-Hub / NCKU
● Workshop host
Mr. Edwin van den Hoek / creative director of 4-OPTIONS studio / Amsterdam / www.4-options.nl
4-OPTIONS is a creative and artistic studio operating at an international level, with a strong expertise in trend forecasting and product design. Its creative directors, Annemarie van Hoof and Edwin van den Hoek, can present specific trend forecasts tailored to individual requests or events, and/or demonstrate how personalized trend forecasting works through on-site demonstrations.
● Student participants
(1) Undergraduate students taking CIE course/program or living in CIE dorm (CIE students)
(2) Undergraduate students are Industrial Design major (ID students)
(3) ICID students
● Tips
We expect that participants should be prepared to think and act quickly during the Q&A-part of the theory and the several workshops on day 1 and 2.