NCKU Launch Pioneering Green Technology on Solar-Powered Device

The pioneering green technology on a solar-powered device, a high-concentration photovoltaic assembly with 5 kilowatt output (HCPV), jointly developed by a research team of the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and manufactured by Spirox Ltd, has been on display at implementation site of NCKU Tzu-Chiang campus. NCKU research team was led by both Professor Hong-Tzer Yang (楊宏澤) and Professor Jiann-Fuh Chen (陳建富) from Department of Electrical Engineering.

The device was launched publicly in the ceremony on 27th November, with opening remarks by Professor Hwung-Hweng Hwung (黃煌煇), the Executive Senior Vice President of NCKU, and Mr. David Sheu (許宗賢), the Chairman & CEO of Spirox Ltd. The HCPV system equipped with an accurate sun-tracking unit in NCKU was made public.

This NCKU& Spirox solar power device can increase the concentration of sunlight 476 times and convert up 30 percent of the sunlight received into electricity. A miniature model of the system, with a 1.5 kilowatts output, was first installed at the Spirox headquarters in September and a month later, the 5 kilowatt version was installed at NCKU campus to expand the scale of test run.

According to Professor Hwung-Hweng Hwung, this is a good model in demonstration of industry-academia cooperation as well as a milestone for green technology.

According to Professor Hong-Tzer Yang (楊宏澤), the principal investigator of this project, the HCPV has been viewed as the most potential solar-powered battery set because it features cost-effective, energy-saving, and high power production. “This cell is the first in Taiwan to be equipped two-axis adjustment capability, which allows the solar panels to move in both pitch a yaw to better receive the sunlight,” said Professor Yang.

The accurate sun-tracking unit developed and designed by NCKU Department of Electrical Engineering is critical to the success of the HCPV system as a conventional solar-sensor system is generally energy-consuming and ineffective.

“In applications, the installation of the HCPV assembly has different models, such as a ground-mount type and a roof-top one, as well as a commercial-scale solar power plant and a smaller one to serve a family,” Professor Yang added.
Provider: 新聞中心
Date: 2008-11-28