Mobile Library: A Practical Interdisciplinary Course Visiting over 15 Administrative Districts

Mobile Library
Mobile Library

The NCKU Library ventures off-campus for the first time as [NCKU BOOKS-ONE CITY] mobile library, a novel, innovative general education and service learning course. Twenty groups of students and teachers plan to take library-themed vans and travel from NCKU to over 15 administrative districts in Tainanduring NCKU’s anniversary celebration. Combining library resources with creativity and narration courses, these mobile libraries will spread knowledge as they travel, using specific theme designs and displays. Furthermore, students taking the course will also learn about local cultures. As students and teachers at NCKU interact with and learn from members of local communities, they are creating university social responsibility (USR).

Collaborating with the Center for General Education, the Office of Academic Affairs, and Office of International Affair, the NCKU Library initiated the [NCKU BOOKS-ONE CITY] Mobile Library course, merging general education and service learning, in the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year. University Librarian and Professor in the Department of Biotechnology and Bioindustry Sciences, Han-Ching Wang commented that, in addition to implementing USR, this course also features venturing out from the library and campus, beyond traditional geographical boundaries and into the hearts of communities. Concurrently, it also provides more options to NCKU students who are interested in being involved in multiple fields.

Prof. Han-Ching Wang indicated that students taking this course will have a choice of general credit certification or exemption from service learning. Classes are concentrated, taking place during the third and fourth periods every Tuesday. The course is arranged to end in early December. The course will be taught by 15 teachers (from seven of NCKU’s colleges) as well as four librarians. They will lead students in innovating, brainstorming, planning, designing, creative implementation, and reflection to create exhibition activities specifically for these mobile libraries.

[NCKU BOOKS-ONE CITY] Mobile Library course symbolizes bringing the NCKU Library’s collection to all of Tainan City. Prof. Han-Ching Wang stated that the NCKU Library has a rich collection containing >3.2 million books in various genres. In addition to holding various events in the library to attract students, teachers, and citizens of Tainan City, the NCKU Library is taking the initiative and venturing out of the library building and off campus to be closer to the people and have an impact on the city. During this process, students taking the [NCKU BOOKS-ONE CITY] Mobile Library course will also learn about and actually experience local cultures throughout Tainan.

The [NCKU BOOKS-ONE CITY] Mobile Library course invites those who love to read, tell stories, be close to others, create, share, and interact to join NCKU teachers in various fields to combine book themes and creative activities to be closer to local people, inspire one another and share knowledge! Please watch for more information regarding course selection. For more details, please refer to the NCKU Library website.



Provider: NCKU News Center
Date: 2019-08-12