NCKU-Butterfly Program to cultivate talent with international enterprises

On December 24th 2019, Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (DET) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with National Cheng Kung University to recruit Thai and Indian students and to cultivate international talent. The NCKU-Butterfly Program provides a diversified talent-cultivating platform for industry-academia cooperation and a solid support for the development of international enterprises.

                                          NCKU-Butterfly Program to cultivate talent with international enterprises        

NCKU-Butterfly Program to cultivate talent with international enterprises


After signing the MOU on Thailand and India Talent Cultivation Cooperation, NCKU Vice President Fong-Chin Su and DET President Shen-Yan Xie officially announced the launch of the “NCKU-Butterfly Program.” As the Chinese saying goes,Butterflies will come when flowers in efflorescence.” NCKU looks forward to working with more industries and creating even more wonderful butterfly effects in the future.


In his address, Vice President Su underscored the ways that partnerships with Thai universities and membership of Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) contribute to a diverse student body at NCKU. Signing the MOU with DET is an important  milestone in industry-academia cooperation and talent cultivation.


According to DET President Xie, talent cultivation creates momentum for industrial development. Signing an MOU with NCKU is therefore of great significance. DET will provide opportunities for Southeast Asian students studying at NCKU to do summer and winter internships in Taiwan or Thailand, and will also welcome new graduates to join their team. Further DET-NCKU cooperation to reinforce talent cultivation is expected.

NCKU Vice President Fong-Chin Su(right) and DET President Shen-Yan Xie(left)

NCKU Vice President Fong-Chin Su(right) and DET President Shen-Yan Xie(left)

After the MOU signing ceremony, DET held career forums for recruitment. Some international students from Southeast Asia came with the hope to find corporate internship opportunities and to learn more professional skills. Rajdeep Das, an Indian student studying IMBA at NCKU, worked in a Taiwan-invested enterprise in India before. In his opinion, NCKU adopts a remarkable strategy in its cooperation with international enterprises to cultivate talent. After all, the most important thing for students to do after graduation is to find a job, and this program helps students in pursuing a career. He is hoping to get the internship he has applied for in Taiwan.

Group photo

Group photo

In the summer of 2019, NCKU ran a pilot plan to get prepared for the NCKU-Butterfly Program. After passing a selection process, David Chiu Li, a Honduran student in the Energy Engineering Department, and Yu Cheng-Han, a local Taiwanese student in the Mechanical Engineering Department, were the first to do a two-month internship in DET’s plants in Thailand. They both felt deeply challenged and motivated by their internship abroad.


The summer internship provided Yu Cheng-Han with an opportunity to learn about the multinational corporation’s scale, technologies, and operation while enabling him to have better ideas of what professional field he would like to work on in the future for a graduate degree. Yu said, “Not until I left Taiwan (my comfort zone) did I realize that there’re many challenges abroad, but I’ve also gained positive motivation.” Although he may not aggressively chase jobs in Southeastern countries in the future, he would be happy to consider the possibility if an “expat package” is offered by a large multinational company.


For David Chiu Li, DET is a major company that he would love to work for if ever getting an offer. He would also encourage junior students to apply for overseas internships.


The NCKU-Butterfly Program aims to jointly produce synergistic effects by combining the existing resources of NCKU and enterprises. NCKU engages teaching faculty to cultivate professional talent and technologies while offering various scholarships and one-year free Chinese-learning. Enterprises provide opportunities for students to do summer, winter, and after-school internships, as well as training courses based on students’ majors or the sectors in which they will do the internship. Some companies even provide paid internships. Through internship, students can understand a company’s culture and at the same time gain pre-employment experience and develop corporate loyalty. Qualified students can immediately find employment after graduation without having to submit resumes.


Yueh-Heng Li, Director of International Student Affairs Division, said that the NCKU-Butterfly Program is a platform for NCKU to cultivate talent with multinational companies. Talent requirements and standards are different from enterprise to enterprise, and NCKU will make adjustment according to needs. He further revealed that quite a few companies are actively seeking cooperation, and NCKU will soon sign a contract with another multinational company.


In June 2019, NCKU cooperated with E.SUN Bank and Paragon International University to set up the ASEAN Talent Cultivation Program for Cambodian students. Attending simultaneously to education, career development, and business needs, the Program attracts entrepreneurs’ attention and becomes the foundation based on which the NCKU-Butterfly Program is developed.


As agreed, DET will provide Thai students at NCKU with opportunities to do either summer or winter internships back home. Relevant training courses will also be planned. During the internship, accommodation, shuttle pick-up service, round-trip air tickets, and a US$500 scholarship per month will be provided. Besides, Delta India will cooperate with Delta Taiwan to offer Indian graduates jobs in Taiwan for up to one to two years before they return to India to work. Currently enrolled students can work as interns in Delta Taiwan and be granted internship allowance proportional to their educational degrees and working experiences. Furthermore, international students from Southeast Asia will all have the opportunity to visit Delta Electronics Inc. (Tainan Plant).

Provider: News Center
Date: 2020-01-09