NCKU Commencement 2020: Soaring High and Composing a New Life Story

Held on June 6, 2020, commencement ceremonies at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) were quite different in this year. Responding to COVID-19 precautions, three ceremonies were respectively, but simultaneously, held in “Yun-Ping Square,” “The Industrial Design Square,” and the “Museum Square.” Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU, encouraged the graduates, “In 2020, we suffered an unprecedented crisis, COVID-19; therefore, with the power of knowledge and determination stemming from creativity and innovation, we must devote our professional lives to the betterment of humanity.” Dr. Su also expects the graduates to be willing to take responsibilities, to lead honest lives, and to be well-prepared to face challenges they encounter in the future professionally and with dignity.



Retrospect and prospect: the graduates reviewed lives at NCKU and will begin the next episode of their life stories.


NCKU invited three prominent guests to deliver the graduation speeches, Kurt Lu, an intelligent director, Audrey Ko, the general editor of Womany, and Han-Chien Yang, the founder of Blink. In addition, eight graduating students delivered valedictorian speeches. Graduation ceremonies were also broadcasted in real time online for parents and graduates unable to attend.



A heart touching scene: one graduating student called parents to express her gratitude.


In her speech, Dr. Su emphasized that the progress and development of NCKU over the past 89 years and the success of NCKU’s alumni are all based on persistence and perseverance. Thus, Dr. Su expects graduates to have the determination to think innovatively and flexibly to face every challenge and to lead exemplary lives. Dr. Su, Dr. Fong-Chin Su (Executive Vice President of NCKU) and Dr. Chung-I Lin (Executive Vice President of NCKU) conferred diplomas to the graduating students. The Deans of the colleges of NCKU and Dr. Jang-Yang Chang (Executive Vice President of NCKU) turned the tassels for representatives of the graduating students from each college and from the Cross College Elite Program.



In valedictorian speeches, graduating students expressed their gratitude and felt NCKU is their best choice


Delivered by three chief guests, the commencement speeches revealed distinctive life experiences. Director Kurt Lu encouraged graduates to be the masters of their lives and to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. Ms. Audrey Ko hoped every graduate could realize that the most essential lifetime goal is to understand oneself honestly and genuinely. “The world is unfriendly, but you can choose to be a brave person.” Ms. Han-Chien Yang shared her experiences with failure and frustration related to job-seeking and encouraged the graduates to pursue their dreams passionately and fearlessly.



At the end of the commencement, NCKU graduates sang university anthem and threw graduation caps.


In his graduation valedictorian speech, Happy Aprillia, a doctoral graduate from the Department of Electrical Engineering, mentioned that after graduation, all NCKU graduates are beginning their next journey and should dedicate themselves to the betterment of society. He felt there will be many hard times in the future but encouraged the students to not give up. He believes that perseverance is the key to making dreams come true.



On June 6, 2020, NCKU expects each graduate has to be a brave, innovative, and honest master of his or her life.


Provider: 新聞中心
Date: 2020-06-15