NCKU Wins Four Awards in 2022 Global Views USR Awards, A Record for Most Award Won by a Single School

Written by Hsu Tsu-Yueh. Image credit to News Center
National Cheng Kung University won four awards in the 2022 Global Views University Social Responsibility Awards! The four nominations of NCKU all received final recognition, including two top awards and two model awards, setting the record of the most awards received by a single school over the three years the Global Views USR Awards have been in function. NCKU received the top awards in the categories of ‘Overall Performance in Universities’ and ‘Shared Global Community’, and the model awards in the categories of ‘Local Community’ and ‘Talent Co-Learning’.
National Cheng Kung University won four awards in the 2022 Global Views University Social Responsibility Awards.
The 2022 Global Views USR Awards Ceremony and Forum was held at the Global Views – Commonwealth building on April 13. The awards this year are divided into overall performance and outstanding projects. The overall performance awards are divided for general university and technological universities; the outstanding project awards consist of categories including ‘Talent Co-Learning’, ‘Local Community’, ‘Welfare Mutualism’, ‘Industry Innovation’, ‘Ecology Benefits’, and ‘Shared Global Community’. A total of 154 submissions were received and among which 24 awards were received, setting the award winning rate at only 15.6%.
NCKU has actively pushed to realize USR for long years, taking on the responsibility and meeting the trend of green universities. In the four newly added aspects, namely school governance, green campus, teaching & research, and local participation, each school was evaluated for its overall performance, from which NCKU rose to secure the top spot.
Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU, receives the first-place award in ‘Overall Performance in Universities’

After receiving the first-place award in ‘Overall Performance in Universities’, Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU, expressed in that universities define themselves through cultivation of talents, and examine their influences through structural and independent evaluations from outside parties. “I’m thankful that NCKU’s administrative processes have been recognized through this award on university overall performance. Moreover, I’m also thankful for this award for believing in our efforts in committing to environmental sustainability, encouraging us to participate in communities ranging from local to global, and being supportive in our realization of innovative knowledge and education.”
“I’m exceptionally proud that I get to work alongside such supportive people,” Huey-Jen Su expressed emotionally. “In the many years, the school is supportive in its innovations by people of different ages, backgrounds, and duties, including 1800 teachers, 2200 staffs, 20000 Taiwanese students and 2000 foreign students, and 5000 medical personnel in NCKU hospital.”
“Together, we embrace the values of prospering mutually, and takes on the responsibility to be innovative and prospective.” Huey-Jen Su said, “We choose to realize our efforts in practical ways. The accumulation of past administrative wisdom from each leader of the school is what guides me in making firm choices for the school. I have to thank this award for bringing trustworthy universities and the Taiwan society together. NCKU owes gratitude to all friends and companions in higher education for showing us good examples of higher education.”
Huey-Jen Su mentioned that, as NCKU marches towards its 100th anniversary, it has to persevere and create more opportunities in the post-pandemic era. Upholding ethical values, the knowledge and culture and technological development in NCKU needs to attend to the needs of the underprivileged and be applied to propel the development of society. ‘Achieve Securely, Prosper Mutually.’ NCKU makes the journey with its partners, becoming the force trusted by all.
Nai-Ying Ko, Dean of the Department of Nursing, accepted the award of ‘Shared Global Community’
The NCKU Department of Nursing takes the first place in the category of ‘Shared Global Community’ with its ‘International Nursing Talent Cultivation’ project, demonstrating NCKU’s USR spirit of actively responding to the society and global issues. Nai-Ying Ko, Dean of the Department of Nursing, accepted the award. NCKU Department of Nursing established international Master’s and PhD programs in 2012. In addition to cultivating advanced nursing professionals, the programs incorporate special healthcare issues and needs in regards to Southeast Asian countries. The programs have cultivated over 80 graduates so far, most of whom, after returning to their home country, proceeded to serve as important officials or leading planners for public health education. In 2019, the department established Asian and Pacific Alliance for Nursing Education (APANE), taking on international responsibility in nursing profession, designing courses focusing on the needs of each country to cultivate international nursing talents, and aims to further establish a higher education alliance for nursing in order to effectively create societal influence through talent cultivation.
Yuh-Neu Chen, Executive Vice President of NCKU, accepted the model award in the category of ‘Local Community’
‘Companionship 2026’, a social network project for elderly community designed by NCKU Institute of Education and Institute of Gerontology, won the model award in the category of ‘Local Community’. The award was accepted by Yuh-Neu Chen, Executive Vice President of NCKU. Taiwan is expected to become an super-aged society by 206, with over 20% of the population being elderly. The NCKU USR project aims to establish a ‘micro-community’ in local communities, viewing aging as a phenomenon of society changes. It aims to construct a social structure in which the elderly and non-elderly interact and support for one another, so that the elderly can expand their daily activities beyond their neighborhood and find their social value through practical community participations.
Shu-Hui Chen, Dean the the College of Science accepted the model award in the category of ‘Talent Co-Learning’
‘Trilogy of the Slashie Youth’, a course design by NCKU College of Science aimed to train logical thinking for high school students, won the model award in the category of ‘Talent Co-Learning’. The award was accepted by Shu-Hui Chen, Dean the the College of Science. The first part of the trilogy is ‘General Scientific Education’; the second part consists of ‘Critical Thinking and Philosophy Education in High School’ and ‘AP Course in High School’; the third part is ‘Interdisciplinary Module Courses in University’. A platform for talent and knowledge communication will be created through links between schools from elementary, junior high, senior high, to universities. The course project, beginning in 2017, is entering its 6th year of operation. Each year it offers over 50 interdisciplinary module courses with participation from over 58 universities in Taiwan. It is hoped that through creating a system in which scientific knowledge and talent remain highly mobile, lowering and demolishing the barriers for knowledge, students would find enhancements in their abilities to think critically regarding their classes and making practical efforts, prompting them to explore and experiment on basic questions in learning.
Huey-Jen Su engaged in a chat on green universities and sustainable talents
After the event, Huey-Jen Su engaged in a chat on green universities and sustainable talents with Kuo-En Chang, President of Tunghai University, and Chang-Hsien Tai, President of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

Provider: News Center
Date: 2022-05-20