NCKU Courses Conducted in the 2022 Fall Semester

According to the original announcement on August 30, 2022, teaching shall be conducted online from September 5 to 18, 2022. Subject to final approval by the Ministry of Education (MOE), teaching shall be conducted online, and in-person teaching will be optional, from September 19 to October 2, 2022.

The school has received a response from the MOE on September 2, 2022. In line with the Central Epidemic Command Center’s epidemic prevention policy, the universities shall ask their teachers to arrange their curricula and class management according to the following principles:
  1. If there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 or a student who tested positive on a rapid test in a class, that student should be cared for at home for 7 days. After the expiration of this period and if the student is asymptomatic, he/she can then attend class in the normal way.
  2. For students who take off their masks for 15 minutes in the presence of confirmed cases or individuals testing positive on a rapid test, the university will provide one COVID-19 rapid test kit. If the test results are negative, these students can then attend class in the normal way.
Because the beginning of this semester is imminent, we adjust the previous announcement according to the response of MOE. From September 5 to 18, 2022, the in-person, hybrid or online teaching can be implemented flexibly after the instructors discuss it with the students.

If further adjustments to the teaching method need to be considered due to changes in the epidemic situation on the campus, the university will have additional discussions with the response team of MOE.

For the above courses in which foreign students have not yet entered Taiwan or are still under quarantine, hybrid or online teaching shall be implemented.
Provider: News Center
Date: 2022-09-02