New Year Greetings for 2023

Written by Prof. Min-tser Lin. Image designed by NCKU Design Center. 
2023 兔年賀卡
Sunshine over the Cloud Stretches, Bright and Sublime in Renewal
Royal Poincianas hold back the flaming blooms for now, but capes of reds and yellows spread the branches of Golden Rain Trees.
Winds of spring whirl and revolve, embracing once again a whole yard of Greens.
Four seasons rotate, involving three-hundred-sixty-five rounds of toiling between early-morning rises and late-night sleeps.
Unceasing alertness and attention, carry the earnest wish of day-to-day peaceful increase
 Like the sun shining over cloud stretches.
 “Veritas et Conscientia,” the motto that has taught the talents to “Seek for Truth and Toil for Good,” inspires the faculties to
Achieve securely, prosper mutually, glow genially, proceed reservedly.
United around one torch to blaze the trail, we follow the spirit of our school through time as one perseveringly.
Observing reverently the spring celebration for yearly propitiousness, we pray for our world a bright and sublime renewal.
Provider: News Center
Date: 2023-01-11