<![CDATA[NCKU, National Cheng Kung University - NCKU Today]]> utf-8 2024-07-12 22:27:31 2024-07-12 22:27:31 <![CDATA[The Second Cohort of the NCKU-Purdue Dual Degree Program About to Depart for America mid-August to Complete Fourth-year Studies]]> 2024-07-12 <![CDATA[29 CLS Program Recipients Take Mandarin Courses at NCKU to Enhance Proficiency and Explore Taiwanese Culture]]> 2024-07-08 <![CDATA[AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk Delivers Farewell Speech at NCKU: Reflecting on and Looking Ahead After Her Three-Year Tenure]]> 2024-06-26 <![CDATA[A Breakthrough Collaboration for National Cheng Kung University and Intel to Sign the Patent Subscription Agreement]]> 2024-05-24 <![CDATA[Student Delegation from NTU Singapore Visits NCKU; Infusing Vitality into Our Friendship]]> 2024-05-28 <![CDATA[NCKU & Purdue’s Honors College Sign LOI to Foster Outstanding Student Talent]]> 2024-05-28 <![CDATA[Disaster Prevention Research Center of National Cheng Kung University and Center for Water Cycle, Marine Environment and Disaster Management of Kumamoto University Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Future Collaboration]]> 2024-05-06 <![CDATA[Macro Ambitions in Quantum Science: NCKU Takes Quantum Technology Lecture to Tainan 400]]> 2024-05-10 <![CDATA[Delegation Led by Eswatini PM Dlamini Visits NCKU for Exchange on Disaster Prevention Education and Disaster Management System]]> 2024-04-10 <![CDATA[Leveraging on Interdisciplinary Collaboration, NCKU held International Forum and Workshop on Happiness Education to Advocate Mental Health]]> 2024-04-11 <![CDATA[Taiwan-Thailand Scientific Research and Technology Innovation Center Unveiled in Bangkok to Deepen and Broaden Bilateral Cooperation in Science and Technology]]> 2024-03-20 <![CDATA[President Shen Attends the 10th Anniversary Gathering of the Indonesian Alumni Association]]> 2024-03-05 <![CDATA[Focusing on Sustainable and Diverse Proposals, NCKU Holds Campus Finals for the Hult Prize]]> 2024-02-27 <![CDATA[CECI Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Enhanced Collaboration with National Cheng Kung University]]> 2024-01-29 <![CDATA[As Smart Healthcare Gains Momentum, NCKU Hospital Hosts “Road to Smart Healthcare Seminar” on December 9th,2023.]]> 2024-01-12