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The Highest Book Launch above Sea Level— Juu-En Chang, an Environmentalist who Sits on the Buffalo

Writing by News Center. Photo provided by NCKU Sustainable Environment Research Laboratories.
Dr. Juu-En Chang (張祖恩教授), a distinguished professor at NCKU Department of Environmental Engineering, presented his new book, Juu-En Chang, an Environmentalist who Sits on the Buffalo, at Jade Mountain Front Peak (3,239 m above sea level) on January 28th. Holding Chang’s new book, Dr. Chang and his friends took group photos at summit to celebrate the publication of this book.
Dr. Juu-En Chang presented his new book at Mt. Jade Front Peak
Storytelling by Chang and written by Shue-Fen Yang (楊淑芬), Juu-En Chang, an Environmentalist who Sits on the Buffalo, is a biography of Chang. Born in a small seaside town, Chang was a smart and clever boy who was good at making hopters and bird traps. In addition, his skills on sewing and making rice dumpling were quite excellent and admirable. Chang was also a remarkable student. Prof. Yue-Hwa Yu, one of the committee members of Chang’s thesis, gave him an unprecedentedly high grades for Chang’s thesis. When Chang studied abroad in Japan, he got the Best Dissertation Prize of Japan Society of Civil Engineers. As the director of Environmental Protection Administration (2003-2005), he was the most satisfied government officer for environmental protection groups. After his retirement, Chang will devote to venous industry and dedicate his lifetime protecting the environment.
Chang enjoys the present and cherishes every moment of life. He loves singing, playing huqin, painting, appreciating arts, and tasting wine. With 14 chapters and more than 400 photos, this book contains various anecdotes which completely present Chang’s ambitions, likes, and ideals.
Growing up on a farmer family, Chang was responsible for grazing buffalos when he was very little. Therefore, he respects, cherishes, and loves buffalos. Chang believes that buffalo is the cleverest and most intelligent animal. Every time when Chang sees buffalos, he always tries to sit on their back. In a sense, Chang comes true his ideal—the Environmentalist who sits on the buffalo.
Chang also embraces mountains and Jade Mountain is his favorite. During university years in NCKU, he has climbed to the top of the Jade Mountain six times. When he served as the director at Environmental Protection Administration, he climbed Jade Mountain to demonstrate the dedication to the development of environmental purification. He named the International Forum on Environmental Protection after Jade Mountain and led scholars all over the world to climb Jade Mountain.
On January 28th, Chang, scholars and students who attended Jade Mountain Forum on Sustainable Environment, reached the summit of Jade Mountain Front Peak. Each of them carried Chang’s books and then held the highest book launch above sea level. Comparing to the other summit tracks, Mt. Jade Front Peak’s track is the shortest. However, the stone fall near the summit was steep and challengeable. Chang pointed out that every step was the fight and struggle for breath and heartbeat.
Book launch on Jade Mountain
The strong and chilly wind at the mountain top could not dampen their enthusiasm, 29 fellow mountaineers, including Prof. Qing-Guang Wen (溫清光教授), Prof. Hong-Sen Yan (顏鴻森教授), Prof. Hsin Chu (朱信教授), Prof. Jiun-Horng Tsai (蔡俊鴻教授), Prof. Ting-Nien Wu (吳庭年教授), Prof. Liang-Ming Whang (黃良銘教授), Prof. Wan-Ru Chen (陳𦹅如教授), old colleagues at Environmental Protection Administration, and staffs of Sustainable Environment Research Laboratories, cheered exuberantly to celebrate the publication of Chang’s book. Chang appreciates their companionship, and it is the most memorable book launch for him. He believes they shape a new story by accomplishing this grand tour.
Prof. Chang has spent 6 days cycling around Taiwan in September, 2020, for his first retirement activity. On 28th, he climbed Jade Mountain Front Peak. After his retirement, he achieved the two spectacular goals, which are the most memorable and happiest events in his life.
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Date: 2021-02-17
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