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The income from the industry ranks top 1 in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. The licensing royalties have been exceeding US$3.3 million dollars for 12 consecutive years since 2009. The active patents have accumulated up to 1384 since 2001. There are 293 invention disclosures in 2021. The Patent Licensed Rate is 18% in 2021. There are 156 patents issued in 2021. There are 15 startups formed in 2021.

Innovation at NCKU


ASE-NCKU Inaugurate Joint R&D Center to Drive Innovation and Talent Cultivation


NCKU's International Collaboration Expands and Joins Forces with Japan's ATR


NCKU K.T. Li Technology and Literature Lectureships Awards are Presented to 8 Scholars

President Shen Meets Lithuanian Delegation

Officials from The Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport Visited NCKU

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nurture entrepreneurship
Here are several projects funded by university or government to nurture entrepreneurship in NCKU :
National Research Centers
In addition, there are several venture organizations or accelerators that we leverage to help the startups.


Startup & Entrepreneurship

Startup & Entrepreneurship: Dreams Come True Project > From bench to market > Accelerator and training > Residence in College X


Technology Commercialization

Technology Commercialization: Research & Development > Invention > Evaluation > IP Protection > Marketing > Licensing > Product Development > Economic Growth

Our research results highly meet the industry's needs , thus forming a sustainable life cycle for research and development.
For 15 years the licensing royalty of NCKU exceeds US$3.3 million each year, and the number keeps growing now.