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Campus entry restrictions effective from 5/19: No outsiders or non-NCKU vehicles will be allowed entry (Updated 2021-5-18)

NCKU Campus Restriction Announcement

As COVID-19 infection number increases, NCKU implements campus entry restrictions effective from 5/19. No outsiders or non-NCKU vehicles will be allowed entry. (Updated 2021.5.18)

Campus Entry Restrictions: 

Campus Entry Restrictions

  • NCKU implements campus entry restrictions, only the 11 entrances listed in the above picture are open.
  • NCKU faculty, staff, and students must show their ID at the entrance. Vehicles with approved access are allowed entry.
  • Visitors please enter from respective entrances on Da-Syueh Road to Kuang-Fu Campus, Cheng-Kung Campus, and Tze-Chiang Campus. (Shown as the red markings in above picture.) Body temperature will be checked at the entrances.
  • Visitors for official business must present documents of proof from NCKU (such as meeting notice, invitation, e-mail; printed or electronic files). Those without documents of proof need to receive approval from NCKU in person before allowed entry.
  • NCKU alumni and retired staff must show their ID at the entrance.
  • The Campus Security Squad Division will patrol the campus and ask loitering visitors to leave.
  • Entry control for each building is regulated by its respective manager. Shift changes, temperature, and visitor names must be documented.
  • Single entrance for Annan Campus. One entrance each on east and west side of Guiren Campus. (As shown in below pictures.)

Annan Campus Entry Restriction:

Annan Campus Entry Restriction



Guiren Campus Entry Restriction:

Guiren Campus Entry Restriction

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Date: 2021-05-18
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