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【Announcement】Effective from July 19: NCKU Kuang-Fu and Tzu-Chiang Sports Fields Open to Faculty and Students

Written by and image credit to NCKU News Center.
Effective from July 19, the outdoor sports fields in NCKU Kuang-Fu Campus and Tzu-Chiang are open to NCKU faculty, staff, and students. The opening hours of the fields are 6AM-9AM and 4PM-7PM, every Monday to Friday.
The areas open for access in Kuang-Fu and Tzu-Chiang sports fields are outdoor areas. For Kuang-Fu sports field, no more than 200 people will be allowed access at the same time to Kuang-Fu field; the other facilities nearby, such as the ceremonial stand and jumping pit, will remain closed. For Tzu-Chiang sports field, no more than 100 people will be allowed access at the same time; the baseball field, the softball field, and the rugby field will remain closed.
The nation is still under Level 3 COVID-19 Alert, NCKU reminds that the two fields will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. Before entering the fields, the visitor must have their body temperature taken, must use alcohol to sanitize, and register by real name. Everyone must wear masks, keep social distance, and avoid physical contact. To prevent cluster infection, no drinking or eating on the fields is allowed. Those who have finished their exercise should leave as soon as possible.
To ensure the campus COVID-19 prevention policies are carried out, there will be irregular patrols on campus. Those who violate COVID-19 prevention policies and continue to do so against advice will be reported to the Campus Security Squad.
Provider: News Center
Date: 2021-07-19
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