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NCKU Library is the Only University Library to Win the MOE Library Contribution Award

Written by NCKU News Center. Image credit to NCKU Library and NCKU News Center.
The National Cheng Kung University Library has won the first Library Contribution Award, which is held by the Ministry of Education in 2021. Fulfilling social responsibility and responding to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), NCKU Library gathers multiple intelligences and becomes the center of all-round knowledge, innovation, and sharing. Most important of all, NCKU Library is the only university library which has won this contribution award.
The NCKU Library has won the first Library Contribution Award by the MOE
Aiming to recognize the contributions of groups and individuals to library management, the evaluation of this award focuses on architecture, resources, collections, quality management, services, reading promotion, digital service, and innovative development. The operational performance of NCKU Library is brilliant and is the role model for libraries in Taiwan. As the center of all-round knowledge and the field of multi-disciplinary learning, NCKU Library not only shapes the resources of technology and humanities but also fulfills university social responsibility.
Established in 1931, NCKU Library is a distinguished center of academic resource which collects, provides, and enhances knowledge exchange in Taiwan. NCKU Library devotes to connecting both Taiwan and international academic organizations, enhancing communication and exchange of knowledge and providing readers a high-quality multi-disciplinary learning area. Taking roots in knowledge, NCKU library reaches upwards to fulfill social responsibility, respond to SDGs, and become the role model of technology, humanities, and civil literacy. In addition, NCKU Library dedicates itself to educational responsibility in order to promote NCKU, Taiwan, and international developmental policies.
The NCKU Library has held Second-hand Book Markets for 17 years
NCKU Library demonstrates remarkable performances in every evaluation item. Providing more than 3,600,000 physical and digital collections, more than 7,000,000 visitors visit NCKU Library in-person or online every year. 15 percent of the 600,000 in-person visitors are citizens or teachers, students, and scholars of other academic organizations. The space of NCKU Library is around 33,058 square meters; moreover, NCKU Library provides digital and virtual library service, transcending the space constraints. A new space, LibRE, on the ground floor of NCKU Library, brings imagination and creation and demonstrates the moto of NCKU, “Pursuit of truth through exhaustive reasoning.” By anchoring and indulging in knowledge, truth will be revealed.
NCKU Library has held series activities such as “One Book, One World,” “World Reading Days: Special Exhibition for Distinguished Academic Publications,” and “The Human Library” to stimulate the dialogue between university multi-disciplinary literacy and multiple social issues. NCKU Library also serves as a place for multi-races conversations and fosters the spirit of peace and tolerance. Responding to the SDGs, NCKU Library held “NCKU Book Market: Moving Library,” “Read for Love: Audible Books for the Visually Impaired People,” and “Second-hand Book Markets” to advocate reading culture, to cultivate students’ awareness of social experiences, to contribute to society, and to fulfill its USR.
LibRE in NCKU Library is a space that fosters communication and innovation
Professor Han-Ching Wang, the chief University Librarian, mentions, as the significant center of academic resources in southern Taiwan, more than 70 librarians of NCKU Library work hard to serve more than 7,000,000 visitors every year. NCKU Library holds activities to connect the local communities and international academic societies, prompting more interaction and transferring the academic energy of a university library into the community. Receiving this award during the 90th anniversary of NCKU anniversary proves that committing to social development is an honorable and wonder mission.
Upholding the core spirit of NCKU, “Achieve Securely, Prosper Mutually,” NCKU Library participates in and dedicates itself to modern technology, economic activities, human and social development. As a navigator of all-round knowledge, multi-disciplinary heritage and innovation, the NCKU Library development strategy is to promote logical thinking, connect with corporate and libraries all over the world, communicate with local communities, fulfill social responsibility, and carry out UN SDGs. NCKU Library expects itself to be the warmth for Tainan, Taiwan, and the world. 
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Date: 2021-12-14
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