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NCKU set up business entrepreneurship to benefit student startups

Tainan, Taiwan, July 24, 2014

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, announced the official launch of NCKU Comprehensive University Business Entrepreneurship (NCKU CUBE) at a press conference in Taipei on July 20.

NCKU with great collaboration efforts across academia and industry has set up NCKU CUBE, an entrepreneur initiative, to provide necessary support and resources students need to build enterprise solution and grow their business.

Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA) chairman Dr. C. C. Wu, Chong Hong Construction Co chairman Wen-Tsao Lee and many other accomplished alumni attended the press conference to support their alma mater.

NCKU president Dr. Hwung-Hweng Hwung extended his warm welcome to the guests and said, “For years, NCKU has been working with its own national and international alumni to promote research outcomes of NCKU professors and students to the international community.”

He also pointed out that NCKU graduates have long been recognized as the favorite of enterprises in Taiwan and the university is ranked top alongside Duke University and John Hopkins University in the respect of Industry Income in 2013.

Hwung said, “NCKU CUBE based on what we had achieved so far pools more talents and resources to help students realize their entrepreneurship through courses, training programs and funding as well.”

Angel Fund offered by NCKU is not only the subsidy but the investment to the students in hopes of helping them pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, according to Hwung.

NCKU Innovative Start Up (IS) Center opens core course focusing on lean startup and has collaborated with Southern Taiwan Science Park in setting up the “Entrepreneurship Workshop.”

Therefore, NCKU provides a one-stop service ranging from on-campus professional entrepreneurship training course to counseling on incubation of innovative teams, molding the university’s very own entrepreneurial culture.

According to TCIA chairman Dr. Wu, NCKU’s greatest contribution to the world is the cultivation of talents that are regarded as significant assets to the firms and the society.

Lee shared his own secret of success with young alumni and said that the values of integrity, diligence, professionalism, and innovation are vital in running a business and he also advised young people to enjoy the work and have a harmonious family life.

NCKU CUBE featuring in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship is associated with the triple helix innovation model of higher education.

The four phases including internship in school, leadership learning, overseas internship, and entrepreneurship are covered in the curriculum.

NCKU CUBE provides a combination of vertical and horizontal systems of curriculum design and interdisciplinary activities to inspire students who are interested in innovation and help them to gain fundamental knowledge and experience in starting a business.
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