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NCKU TV celebration marks major milestone in 111 episode

Tainan, Taiwan, October 30, 2014

A press conference in celebration of the 111th episode of NCKU TV was held at Yun-Ping Building of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, on October 29, with a total of 51 student anchors gathered to display their year-long training results.

NCKU President Dr. Hwung-Hweng Hwung attended the event and together with the student anchors he watched extracts of the special episode 111 of NCKU TV.

This milestone was reached by the efforts of this group of students, staff and professors who participate in journalism for the university, according to President Hwung.

One of the student anchor Yu-Jou Wang joined the team when she was a first grader. Now three years later she is still devoted to her job. “I'm now in the position of Public Relations Officer. You know, I've always felt an involvement with news.”

She also said, “I really hope more students will be aware of the anchor work in our university.”

Wang added that working as a student anchor can gain you experience in journalism, but also helps to build your confidence as a person.

Professor Scott from the department of Foreign Languages fully agrees with this statement. As a native speaker, she helps students with their English translations, grammar and structure, but also improves their pronunciation during filming.

“I'm always impressed by the students' ability to progress so fast,” professor Scott says, “and it is not just their English skills, but also in learning how to report news and how to be professional as an anchor.”

“Their confidence and skill will build over time,” Scott said.

Angela Liu, a medical student, on behalf of English news anchors expressed gratitude to advisor Prof. Scott. She said, “I would like to thank Professor Scott for assisting us in subtitle translation, script writing and filming. We indeed learn a lot during these experiences.”

After watching the special episode, Director of NCKU Office of Student Affairs Chii-Jeng Lin praised the student anchors for their work and devotion. He said, “I hope to meet all of you again for the 1111th anniversary.”
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