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Taiwan’s first creative platform set up at NCKU to foster university-industry-city partnership

Tainan, Taiwan, November 10, 2014

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, launches its creative platform called C-Hub featuring co-creation of lecturers and students to promote network among university, industry and city, the university announced today.

NCKU President Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Tainan City Mayor Ching-Te Lai, and Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Chairman Shou-Chuan Ho representing university, city and industry respectively attended the opening ceremony on November 10 to witness the launching of C-Hub.

President Hwung said, through the co-creation of teachers and students, along with the energy from research and incubation in the university, C-Hub at NCKU will create a model of borderless campus to foster innovative education.

He noted, NCKU set up C-Hub to facilitate academia-industry collaboration and by inviting entrepreneurs to join C-Hub Club starting a conversation with the young talents the university-industry-city network is constructed.

President Hwung also pinpointed bottom-up innovation from C-Hub and said that originality and independent learning are highlighted. “Students can learn design in C-Hub, connect industry resources and realize their creative ideas in the city.”

Mayor Lai said, C-Hub at NCKU is the first creative platform of its kind in Taiwan to enable the region’s creativity community to collaborate.

He also said, NCKU has played a crucial role in developing creative industries in Tainan and it’s truly a privilege for us to have such a great university in the city.

C-Hub is not only a communication platform, but it will actually promote the city’s economy and lead to a city of happiness, according to Lai.

The creative industry will grow when it can find the inspiration from local culture, according to Chairman Ho.

Chairman Shun-Ren Liu of Institute of Creative Industries Design explained, C-Hub stands for creative, human, urban, and built environment. “We integrate efforts among faculty in the College of Planning and Design and engage with industry and the city as well,” he said.

The opening ceremony is followed by an open house. The building of C-Hub has five floors. The first to third floors of the building are open to the public for visitation, with the addition of a guided tour.
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