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I C Taiwan Exhibition Opens at Mendel Museum, Masaryk University

Tainan, Taiwan, July 13, 2015

The I C Taiwan Exhibition in Czech Republic held by National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) during this summer marks the first university in Taiwan to hold exhibitions out of the country. The exhibition which will run through January in 2016 shows the world the research energy of NCKU as well as culture and industry development of Taiwan.

NCKU President, Prof. Huey-Jen Jenny Su personally host the opening ceremony at the Mendel Museum, Masaryk University of Czech Republic on July 10th.

The exhibition lasts from July 10th to September 25th. One of the themes, orchid biotechnology and associated products draws much attention.

NCKU President Su said, NCKU is a university that starts from and grow within an old city, and this it bears the sense of mission to make the city proud of its development.

She added that NCKU is happy to hold an exhibition in another old city of Europe and introduces the industry development, history and culture of Taiwan.

Su also said, NCKU hopes to bring more opportunities for the industry through its research energy. NCKU also aims to cooperate and interact with the top universities in Europe, presenting the research result of higher education in the school.

The exhibition opens at five in the afternoon on July 10th. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Prague, invited the Taipei folk orchestra to perform in the opening ceremony.

The Deputy Counselor, Mei-Chao Yang, Division Director, Kuo-Chin Su, Head of International Affairs, Masaryk University of Czech Republic, Jan Pavlik, head of the Mendel Museum, Ondrej Dostal and head of NCKU Museum Jeng-Horng Chen were also present.

Prof. Wen-Huei Chen from the NCKU Research Center of Orchid gave the keynote speech to introduce the export of Phalaenopsis in Taiwan.

He later talked about the whole genome sequencing of Phalaenopsis equestris by the Department of Life Science, NCKU and how the result can be applied to future research and industry uses.

The theme is to pay tribute to the historical background of Mendel Museum, where Gregor Mendel had laid the foundation of modern science of genetics.

In addition to the biotechnology of orchid in Taiwan, the exhibition also presents how higher education in Taiwan is affected by foreign power.

The Mendel Museum, Masaryk University marks as the second stop of the traveling exhibition, which first opens at The City of Prague Museum and will took place at the National Technical Museum in October 2015.

The I C Taiwan Exhibition in the City of Prague Museum features the development of orchid, textile and semiconductor industry in Taiwan. It also introduces Chinese medicine technique such as feeling the pulse and Tai Chi. The exhibition lasts from July 3rd to August 31st.

In the National Technical Museum, the exhibition will focus on the traditional temples in Tainan and how religion in Taiwan is affected by western ones. Besides, oceanic culture and related industry is also introduced. The exhibition lasts from October 7th to January 31st, 2016.
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Date: 2015/7/13
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