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Young scientists meet Nobel Laureate and NCKU President

Tainan, Taiwan, July 20, 2015

Nobel Laureate Prof. Yuan-Tseh Lee who is also President Emeritus and Distinguished Research Fellow of Academia Sinica had a dialogue with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) President Huey-Jen Jenny Su on science education at a regional high school science fair talking place at Cheng Kung Hall, NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan, on July 20.

Many young scientists attended the talk and asked Lee and Su questions related to the science education in Taiwan, how to pursue science and how a young woman become a successful scientist.

President Su who is a renowned female scientist recommended her young female audience to always do the best and think about how to do better rather than considering gender issues. She said, in my lab each student, male or female, meet the same requirements and standards.

Prof. Lee talked about his childhood when he discovered nature which is the very inspiration for him to become a scientist. Later, he found kindred spirits in high school, and as a team they pursue an ideal of changing the world through science.

When I was young I was very rebellious, I want to find a new way, a better way, or a new social order, said Lee who advised the students, “One need to be dare to be different if you want to be creative.”

Prof. Lee also shared his experience of winning the Nobel Prize, “I enjoy working with my students and knowing that we’re doing is the best in the world.”

“I didn’t expect the Nobel Prize,” said Lee adding that what important to him is to work with the students, bring them up, be creative and do the best in the world.

President Su also shared her learning experience in Harvard University. There was a time when she was about to give up but she decided to give herself one more try and then the best data ever was shown eventually.

“Find your own passion and connect the study to your inner interest,” according to Su who also advised young scientists to be honest and responsible when facing ethical challenges.
Provider: NCKU NEWS
Date: 2015/7/20
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