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NCKU takes prevention measures against dengue fever

Tainan, Taiwan, August 26, 2015

Controlling dengue fever outbreaks are essential steps for keeping people healthy with dengue fever cases skyrocket in Tainan recently. National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, took active prevention measures for better environmental management for control of dengue.

NCKU set up an emergency response team on August 25, starting with cleaning up the environment to reduce dengue infections, eliminate unnecessary container habitats that collect water, and use insecticides to kill mosquitoes.

Personal protection and the environmental management of mosquitoes are important in preventing dengue fever, according to NCKU Secretary General Prof. Yung-Nane Yang.

Yang indicated that the prevention measures against dengue fever on campus including clean up the environment, eliminate unnecessary container, dispose of any standing water in or near the buildings, and use insecticides to kill mosquitoes.

Also, he urged the students and staff and faculty members in the university community to be mindful of the environmental management of mosquito population.

To keep guppy fish in the water containers is recommended, according to Yang who added that larvae-eating guppy fish can help combat the spread of dengue.
Provider: NCKU News
Date: 2015/08/26
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