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NCKU’s Kun-Yen Medical Library hosts book donation to hospice charity

Tainan, Taiwan, December 28, 2015

Thanks to YOUR generosity, the Kun-Yen Medical Library at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) raised more than 300 books for adults and children at the hospice center.

The book donation project was initiated by the Kun-Yen Medical Library, as part of the weekly event taking place at the NCKU Library.

Prof. Chien-Wen Wang, the director of the NCKU Library, said that reading may help the patients, young and old, learn about the meaning of life, gaining the insights and positive thoughts to cope with death and grief.

The book donation was kicked off in the beginning of December and more than 70 people responded to the charity and donated over 300 books in three weeks.

Half of the donated books are brand new and the second-hand ones are well-kept and look almost like new.

By donating your used books, you will be supporting NCKU Hospital to provide better hospice care to the people who need it most, according to the head nurse at the hospice center.

One of the physicians also said, the books talking about life and death will help the terminally ill cope with end of life issues.

Some of the donated books are children’s books. Children with terminal illnesses require a unique kind of care and they may find comfort in reading children’s books that talk about death and dying, according to the physician.
Provider: NCKU News
Date: 2015/12/28
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