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NCKU hosts international conference on future healthcare and economic development

Tainan, Taiwan, August 15, 2016

2016 International Conference on Future Healthcare and Economic Development in Southeast Asia is currently happening at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, with more than 40 scholars and experts from Thailand, India, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Japan, USA, and Canada.

Deputy Mayor of Tainan City Chun-Tso Yen, NCKU Vice President Dr. Cheng-Hung Huang, Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Life Sciences Director General Dr. Shaw-Jenq Tsai, and many more representatives from local sectors of medical device industry attended the opening ceremony on the morning of August 15.

NCKU Medical Device Innovation Center (MDIC) Research and Services Headquarter Director Prof. Fong-Chin Su said, the Global Academia-Industry Alliance (GAIA) promoted by MDIC is a uniquely innovative model of medical device industry in the world, especially fits Asian countries.

He noted, 'Through international cooperation and communication, we will be able to build up an innovative ecosystem with value creation that conducts academic and research outputs to innovative applications beneficial to toda y's ageing society.'

Therefore, MDIC and other GAIA members invite key-opinion leaders, renowned professors, medical doctors, and students in Southeast Asia to attend this 7-day conference, he added.

Prof. Banchong Mahaisavariya, Senior Vice President of Mahidol University, Thailand, said, “We had signed an MoU with NCKU and we know NCKU is strong in medicine and especially in biomedical engineering.”

“With NCKU, we try to develop certain facility to elevate our capacity in developing biomedical innovation,” he added.

Prof. David Koh, Vice-President (Research and Innovation) and Distinguished Professor in PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, gave a talk on Future of Healthcare - Research in the Use of Salivary Biomarkers in Healthcare

In his talk, Prof. Koh shared the work he did with the use of saliva which has many biomarks inside and examining the components of saliva can predict disease, monitor disease outcomes.

“It is much more acceptable to patients than taking blood sample, so we found that the research is very applicable to the area of mental health,” he added.

After the opening ceremony, Ms. Bi-Fen Lin, Deputy Director of the Department of Health in Tainan City Government gave a talk on Public Health Policies in Tainan City and then Prof. Fong-Chin Su shared his experience in medical devices and biotech innovation and startups at NCKU with the attendees.

He said, in Asia, there is an obvious changes in medical and health awareness due to a significant improvement in people's level of education and an increase in population's income.
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Date: 2016/08/15
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