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A Collaborative Exhibition to celebrate NCKU

A Collaborative Exhibition to celebrate NCKU
A Collaborative Exhibition to celebrate NCKU
A Collaborative Exhibition to celebrate NCKU
A Collaborative Exhibition to celebrate NCKU
Tainan, Taiwan, October 27, 2015

The Creative Continuum is an experimental partnership between UK based Charnwood Arts and the Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID) and Techno Art Program at National Cheng Kung University. Its starting point came from an invitation by Professor Ming Turner of ICID in the Spring of 2016 to reflect on the forthcoming 85th anniversary of the university.

Initially ideas focused around the creation of a piece of public art but as the project evolved the idea of creating a collaborative exhibition came to the fore. This summer Charnwood Arts hosted a six week internship with eight students from the university and the programme for the 85th Anniversary project was developed collaboratively through this partnership in the UK.

The theme of the project is ‘learning from the past to excel in the future’. This comes from the idea that the university is not just a space but a creative continuum of activity through time that continually produces and leaves a legacy for the future.

Working with Charnwood Arts and a number of UK artists the intern group explored possible routes into engaging more people in the project once it started this October in Tainan. One UK artist, Ashok Mistry has worked with the Director of Charnwood Arts, Kevin Ryan, on this project from the start and is also actively engaged in the creation of the exhibition at the University Arts Centre.

Ashok said “In this project we are not artists in the conventional sense but acting more as animateurs - artists encouraging the involvement and creative production of others. Our contributions and the exhibition will come about through this relationship”.

This is a project built out of many components including a series of nine pre-planned creative workshops taking place at the Arts Centre and across the campus. In addition students, staff and local residents are invited to request one to one sessions or further workshops with the artists and to submit work themselves for the exhibition. The students have also produced 85 ‘challenges’ for people to become involved called “85 ways to learn from the past and excel in the future”. The full list can be found on-line at http://85nckucreativecontinuum.blogspot.tw

Kevin said “Looking through human history, creativity is a binding force that enables us to move forward and innovate in all areas of knowledge, science, technology, humanities and the arts - this project is a time capsule of activities, thoughts, ideas and objects that we wish to send to the future in recognition that creativity affects and enables us all”.

The Creative Continuum exhibition will have a ‘soft’ opening at 10 am on Saturday 29th October but the organisers are keen to point out that this is also a point from which more people may add to what is on display. People will be invited to continue to add things to the exhibition through visiting the space or on-line until the day before the exhibition closes on Saturday 12th November.
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Date: 2016/10/27
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