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NCKU, Osaka University research team discovers silver erupts like volcano at nanoscale

Tainan, Taiwan, November 9, 2016

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) professor Dr. Shih-Kang Lin working with scientists from Osaka University discovered silver erupting like a volcano at the nanoscale. The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports on October 5, 2016.

Prof. Lin from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NCKU, was invited by Prof. Katsuak Suganuma from the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University, for a three-month visit to understand several particular phenomenon of silver.

The novel phenomenon of nano-volcanic eruption of silver is caused by interactions between silver and oxygen, according to Prof. Lin.

Prof. Suganuma noted, silver is an important engineering material in the electronic, medical, and chemical industries because of its unique noble and catalytic properties.

Silver thin films are extensively used in modern electronics primarily because of their oxidation-resistance, he added.

“What I did is to perform materials thermodynamics calculation which is based on fundamental material sciences,” said Prof. Lin whose specialty is mainly in materials thermodynamics.

The research team in Osaka University carried out some experiment to verify the theory, he added.

Prof. Suganuma said, “We know the mechanism now, we are able to develop more application of the technology because we know how to control it.”

One of the main applications of the technology is in the design of automobiles, according to Prof. Suganuma.

Prof. Lin said, “We are applying for a patent on bonding base on this research so this technology can be used for a wide range of application in electronic, biomedical and other application as long as they need low temperature, low pressure bonding.”

Also, Prof. Suganuma said that he is making a proposal to Japanese government to enhance the collaboration between the two universities for the coming years.
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Date: 2016/11/09
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