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NCKU C-Hub Demo Day showcases students’ creative portfolio

Tainan, Taiwan, November 28, 2016

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, recently run a Demo Day to show students’ originality and creative designs. Shou-Chuan Ho, the CEO of Taiwan's leading paper manufacturer Yuen Foong Yu Group, attended the opening ceremony on November 23 and said, “As NCKU alumnus, I am proud to see that students at C-Hub are doing something new and innovative.”

Ho, the biggest supporter of C-Hub, said, “C-Hub provides students the opportunities to combine practical methods with the strength of Taiwanese industry, enables them to create something that hadn’t existed previously in our university, and encourages them to be rebellious against tradition.”

Kane Yanagawa, a professor of architecture in NCKU, who is also one of the leading advisors of the C-Hub student teams, said, “For me, the most important part of the C-Hub is the students. Because if it wasn’t the students here; if it wasn’t for their excitement and interesting design, we wouldn’t have anything to show you guys. It would be an empty space.”

The Demo Day comprised three exhibitions - the application of 3D printing technology, the combination of art crafts and technology, and the architectural application related to E-ink research project.

The 3D printed lamps with different types and shapes displayed the students’ creative designs.

“We made these tools accessible to the students,” said Yanagawa.

He continued, “If we try to buy a 3D printer at the university, it’ll probably cost 5 or 6 thousand US dollars. But if you have the knowledge and the skills, you can build your own tools.”

“This semester we have 15 groups of students that came together and built their own 3D printers. After building their tools, we challenged them to do something different, making a design, using their own tools which were built by themselves,” he added.

The combination of art craft and technology was demonstrated by a student team led by Prof. Yen Ting Cho whose work connected the human body movement with digital information using his own software named MovISee.

Using MovISee, Cho designed a signature scarf for the university’s 85th anniversary. The scarf design presents NCKU’s main colours, mixing the banyan park green, bright blue sky and the university’s royal poinciana red logo.

He noted, “We use a depth camera to create mixed reality for people to explore the selected information and ultimately transform their understanding the ability of their body movement to create composite customized visual outputs; it is a system to recreate information and explore personal creativity.”

The E-ink research project was led by professors of architecture, and together with the students, they designed, researched and explored opportunities on the e-paper in architectural and design industry.

The two main approaches of the project were, first, exploring materiality, control mechanism and communication of information to prepare digital papers for artists, designers and architects to design and implement; second, collaborating with other research teams to seek the possibility to transform epaper from digital products to revolutionized building material.
Provider: NCKU News
Date: 2016/11/28
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