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NCKU sets up Global Competence Center to enhance international student mobility

Tainan, Taiwan, December 7, 2016

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Office of International Affairs (OIA) sets up Global Competence Center (GCC) to provide more opportunities for local and international students to get to know one another and expand their horizons and world view.

GCC offers international students in the university the opportunities to take part in campus activities and meet people, which will help international students adjust to the new environment and be familiar to the Taiwanese culture.

GCC also integrates the existing services of OIA, including Global Forum, Student-centered International Forum, Service Learning, Language Exchange, In-campus Volunteer, Host Family Network, Global Internship and so on, hoping to make the resources more effective to the local students and to lead them to recognize and respect different cultures.

Global Forum guides the participants to discuss international issues in English. The forums can be either lectures or experience sharing.

There are approximately 4 forums per semester, aiming to motivate the students at NCKU to engage in global issues.

Student-centered Forum gives the local students the information of participating in international contests and overseas training programs.

OIA hopes students can cultivate leadership skills and develop self-recognition by experiencing various cultures.

Global Internship Program is highly promoted. NCKU has been collaborating with numerous prestigious universities abroad, aiming to offer the local students short-term exchanges and internships.

NCKU has also been promoting the international student exchange program and inviting a number of foreign scholars to NCKU recently.

As a result, the number of foreigners at NCKU has been soaring. OIA hopes that the foreigners and the natives can have better connections through GCC.
Provider: NCKU News
Date: 2016-12-07
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