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NCKU Collaborates with Bank SinoPac to Launch Atelier Future

NCKU Collaborates with Bank SinoPac to Launch Atelier Future
NCKU Collaborates with Bank SinoPac to Launch Atelier Future
NCKU Collaborates with Bank SinoPac to Launch Atelier Future
Tainan, Taiwan, June 1, 2017

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) President Huey-Jen Jenny Su and the Director of Bank SinoPac Show-Chung Ho jointly signed a letter of intent at NCKU Museum on May 27 to launch a 3-year academic-industrial collaboration program aiming to set up Atelier Future, a program that educates and cultivates talents in financial fields as well as developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in financial industry. Yau-Hwang Kuo, the Chairman of Institute for Information Industry and Chiu-Hui Chiu, the Director General of the Department of Academic-Industrial Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology also attended the event.

President Su noted, “NCKU is planning to integrate everyday activities, like exercising, learning and eating, into local lifestyle and collaborate with corporations to come up with an innovative business model. Bank SinoPac is going to offer students scholarships and competitive incentives for competent faculty members to help us achieve our goal.”

She continued, “We will offer courses in which the instructors will ask students to draft their own project plans before helping them revise their projects. With the prototypes of the projects established, students can carry out their plans in the future.”

Director Ho pointed out, “We have been making efforts to computerize financial services and digitize data for years, and we started to develop AI Technologies in financial services two years ago. Now our company is going to collaborate with NCKU and create a platform for talents to brainstorm their ideas and share their thoughts with others.”

NCKU also held a conference regarding Atelier Future, inviting Adjunct Instructor Ching-Chun Huang and Professor Wen-Yu Su from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE), Professor Tien-Hao Chang from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Ms. Yu-Pei Tsai, a doctoral candidate of NCKU Institute of Creative Industries Design and Wei-Na Chiang, the Deputy General Manager of Bank SinoPac to talk about the importance of talent and technologies.

Prof. Huang pointed out, “Some industries may disappear in the future, but talent will always be one of the most substantial elements in industries.”

Prof. Su added, “The courses our school offers also play crucial roles in educating and cultivating talents.”

Atelier Future will be held at the former NCKU Library at the end of 2017. The program includes creating a platform for brainstorming and talent matching, as well as holding conferences, forums, presentations, salons, book fairs, and so on.

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