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The NCKU Academy of Educators Established to Recognize Excellent-Teaching Faculty

The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) took the pioneering position to establish the Academy of Educators, which is similar with that in University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), and awarded fellowship to excellent-teaching faculty in the convocation ceremony yesterday (Oct. 28th).

According the Academician Michael M.C. Lai, the President of NCKU and also the Honorary Chair of the NCKU Academy of Educators, universities have been giving an impression of more emphases laid on research rather than on teaching. NCKU is the frontier in Taiwan universities to set up the Academy of Educators to recognize excellent-teaching faculty. President Lai said that the essential mission of being a faculty is performing outstanding research as well as giving excellent teaching, and added that faculty members who receive the awards as fellows of the NCKU Academy of Educators are deemed as prominent and respectful as Academicians of the Academia Sinica. The measure of establishing Academy of Educators certainly reflects one of educational policies of NCKU, namely equal emphasis on both research and teaching.

President Lai shared his teaching experience in the ceremony to illustrate the importance of being a teacher. He shared how one of his virologic lectures strengthened one student’s determination to get devoted into the virology. Still, this experience gave him a feeling of joy to be a teacher.

President Lai also encourage all Fellows to take on the responsibilities to enhance the teaching and learning environment in NCKU, especially for the interdisciplinary curricula, to help young faculty develop their own excellent teaching and to actively participate the conferences in outstanding education. He said the essence of teaching is to make each lecture as an interesting class.

Professor Ming-Jer Tang, the NCKU Vice President for the Office of Academic Affairs, shared his experience of how he got stimulation from his mentor- President Michael. M.C. Lai, a professor then in the University of Southern California, and how he determined to become a teacher and how he chosen to teach in NCKU in Tainan, i.e., his hometown.

Professor Tang said “being a teacher is a blessing”, and added that NCKU requires more Fellows of Academy of Educators, which will lead NCKU to a world-class university in the forthcoming future.

The chance to be introduced to the Academy of Educators is only one out of 100 faculty members. Awarded with one hundred thousand New Taiwan Dollars, approximately three thousand and six hundred US dollars, in 3 successive years, the fellowship symbolizes the most prestigious honor for faculty with prominent teaching achievement.

The establishment of Academy of Educators was approved on 3rd June, 2008 with an aim to share teaching experience, to assist in developing curricula and to promote the teaching quality of faculty.

According to the announcement of regulation, the Academy of Educators nominated President as Honorary Chair, Vice President as Honorary Vice Chair, and Vice President for Office of Academic Affairs as Chair.

There are 64 professors in total as recipients of the first Fellows of Academy of Educators, including Professor Jung-Hua Chou(周榮華), Chih-Hong Chen (陳志鴻), Chiang Kao (高強), Ming-Derg Lai (賴明德), Lung-Hwa Tsai (蔡榮華), Chang-Sheng Kuoh.(郭長生), Chuh-Yung Chen(陳志勇), Ja-Shian Chang(張嘉祥), Han-Yu Chang (張漢煜), Mei-Yan Lee(李美燕), Mei-Yu Liao(廖美玉), Yuen Fong(方源), Hwa-Teng Lee(李驊登), Li-Hui Chen(陳立輝), Yan-Kuin Su(蘇炎坤), Cheun-Der Lea(李春得), Rue-Ron Hsu(許瑞榮), Truan-Sheng Lui(呂傳盛), Ting-Tsung Chang(張定宗), Ernest Rufus Cook(柯克), Dei-Shi Huang(黃得時), Xian-Dong Yang(楊憲東), Chang-Min Chen(陳昌明), Juei-Tang Cheng (鄭瑞棠), Ping-Chun Hou (侯平君), Ming-Tzong Yang(楊明宗), Thou-Jen Whang (黃守仁), Chi-Chen Lin (林啟禎), Yi-Lin Chih (施懿琳), Tung Chun Tsai (蔡東峻), Chyan-Deng Jan (詹錢登), Wei-Min Zhang (張為民), Co-Shi Chantal Chao (趙可式), Cho-pin Soo (許祖斌), Ching-Gung Wen (溫清光), Ching-Huey Chen (陳清惠), Sheng Bao-Chun (沈寶春), Wen Chao Liu (劉文超),Jiong-Yu Chen (陳炯瑜), Hung-Ming Tsai (蔡宏名), Chi-Huo Lin (林其和), Fu-Yun Yu (于富雲), Chung-hsiung Lai (賴俊雄), Chia-Chu Chen (陳家駒), Shyh-Yu Shaw (蕭世裕), Da-Huei Lin (林大惠), Jen-Sue Chen (陳貞夙), Sun-Yuan Hsieh (謝孫源), Yean-Kuen Fang (方炎坤), Cho-Ching Fu (傅朝卿), Yueh-Jen Ho (何月仁), Wei-Ming Lu(陸偉明), Jung-Chang Cheng (鄭永常), Yi-Chun Chen (陳宜君), Tai-Wen Hsu (許泰文), Chih-Han Chang (張志涵), Syh-Tsang Jenq (鄭泗滄), Hsin Chu (朱信), Wei-Chou Hsu (許渭州), Tzu-Tsung Wong (翁慈宗), Chin-Jean Wang (王琪珍), Chung-Lin Chen (陳琮琳), Feng-Hwa Lu (盧豐華), Yuk-Ying Tung (董旭英).
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Date: 2008-10-30
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