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Seven Outstanding Alumni Honored to Recognize Their Achievements

The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) presented its “Outstanding Alumni Award” to seven alumni in recognition of their remarkable professional achievements and contributions to their alma mater and the community. The award convocation was held on Tuesday, 11th of November at Conference Hall of the NCKU Library with congratulatory speech from Dr. Ovid J.L. Tzeng (曾志朗), the former Minister of Education and currently the Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan.

“2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award” goes to Mr. Mao-Cheng Chen (陳茂正), Professor William Wen-Gong Yeh (葉文工), Dr. Paul B. Liao (廖保和), Mr. Bao-Lang Chen (陳寶郎), Mr. Yuan-Chen Chen (陳源成), Dr. Keh-Shew Lu (盧克修) and Mr. Diao Chang (張調).

In the ceremony, Academician Michael M.C. Lai, the President of NCKU said that it is honorable to award “Outstanding Alumni Award” to these seven outstanding alumni, who have remarkable achievements in their specialties as well as become model to younger alumni and students. “NCKU has been honored by alumni and gained reputation because of alumni”, said President Lai. President Lai also appealed to alumni to make contribution to alma mater.

According to Dr. Ovid J.L. Tzeng (曾志朗), the former Minister of Education and currently the Minister without Portfolio, NCKU alumni have been making contribution to Taiwan’s economics. “NCKU alumni associations around the world unfold the strong cohesion between alumni and alma mater, which is rarely seen in other schools. Taiwan would definitely be noticed and staged into the world because of NCKU alumni’s efforts,” said Dr. Ovid J.L. Tzeng.

Mr. Mao-Cheng Chen (陳茂正) appreciated the cultivation from NCKU. “I have been devoted my career into Mechanical Engineering areas for more than 60 years and I would keep going to this commitment with NCKU’s motto in my mind,” Mr. Chen.

Mr. Bao-Lang Chen (陳寶郎) shared his working experience with other alumni and teachers in attendance and said he have been bearing the NCKU’s school spirit: pristine practicality in his mind to keep working hard. “People who are responsible, conscientious, and generous can be promoted without strong guanxi (personal connections and relationship)”, said Mr. Chen

Mr. Yuan-Chen Chen (陳源成) expressed his great appreciation to have this award, which can be seen as recognition to steel industry. Mr. Chen said about his motto “pristine practicality”, which is also the school spirit of NCKU.

Da-Ling Liao (廖達伶), on behalf of Dr. Paul B. Liao (廖保和) who can’t attend this ceremony, said her father was so grateful to what he had learned from NCKU, which benefited his advanced study and working in USA. “My father is willing to make more contribution to alma mater, such as establishing foundation in University of Washington to assist the academic exchange and collaboration,” said Da-Ling Liao (廖達伶).

Dr. Keh-Shew Lu (盧克修) showed his excitement and embarrassment when receiving the award. “There are more outstanding alumni than me since NCKU’s establishment at 77 years ago. I am surprised to have this honor. I would not forget what the President Lai expected, namely to feedback to alma mater as well as to become model for younger student and alumni,” said Dr. Lu.

Mr. Diao Chang (張調) contributed his current success to putting NCKU’s school spirit into practice during his career. Mr. Chang expected opportunity to feedback NCKU.

Mr. Mao-Cheng (陳茂正), the President of Chenta Gear Machinery Co., Ltd, received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from NCKU in 1951. He successfully designed and built pioneer alcohol-powered locomotive, train, motorcycle driving on railway and railroad inspection car, etc. for Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Mr. Chen also helped to build the NCKU Alumni Association Building of Kaohsiung area, and organized lectures regularly to benefit alumni and the public in Kaohsiung area. In addition, Mr. Chen is currently serving the Board of Directors of the NCKU Mechanical Engineering Foundation and the President of the Kaohsiung Calligraphy and Chinese Painting Promotion Association. He frequently gives out his wealth and ability to contribute to various aspects of the society.

Professor William Wen-Gong Yeh (葉文工) was graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering in 1961, and received his M.S. and Ph.D. from New Mexico State University and Stanford University, respectively. He made great contribution to the development of methodologies for optimizing the management of water resources, and for inverse methods of estimating subsurface parameters. Professor Yeh assisted to build up computational system for 75 reservoirs in Brazil as well as the optimal water-supply model for more than 17 million people in South California.

Dr. Paul B. Liao (廖保和), the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KCM International Inc., was graduated from Department of Civil Engineering in 1964, and earned his Ph.D from University of Washington. Dr. Liao participated in the construction of underwater tunnel in the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium near the Kenting National Park, which won the 2001 USA Outstanding Engineering Awards.

Mr. Bao-Lang Chen (陳寶郎), the President of the CPC Corporation, the state-run petrochemical and petroleum refinery company, earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1966 and devoted his career into petrochemical industry for more than 40 years. He has been leading the CPC Corporation to take challenge and competition during the liberalization of the originally monopoly market. He has been successfully making efforts to maintain a stable supply of the petrochemicals to meet domestic demands.

Mr. Yuan-Chen Chen (陳源成), the President of the China Steel Corporation (CSC) in Kaohsiung, received his B.S. in Mineral and Metallurgical Engineering in 1969. He has devoted his career into steel industry for more than 40 years and made great contribution to economic development and technology advancement in steel manufacturing. Coordinating 8 research coalitions, CSC’s annual revenue ranked the highest in two consecutive years under Mr. Chen’s leadership.

Dr. Keh-Shew Lu (盧克修) is currently the President and CEO of the Diodes (Nasdaq: DIOD), a manufacturer and supplier of discrete semiconductor components and an advisor to WK Technology Fund. Dr. Lu is a veteran of semiconductor industry with a distinguished 27-year career at Texas Instruments (TI) where he was promoted all the way to the Senior Vice President for TI’s worldwide business group in analog, logic and mixed-signal processors. Dr. Lu also served as President for TI’s business in Asia from 1994-1997, reinforcing his long-standing business relationship in the region. Dr. Lu holds a B.S. in Engineering from NCKU and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University.

Mr. Diao Chang (張調), the President of Dinyue Development & Construction Co. Ltd., received his B.S. in Architecture in 1970. He envisioned environmental friendly and green concepts in his construction works. His work team won 13 awards for Architectural and Landscape (建築景觀獎) since 1995. Dinyue Development & Construction are deemed as the best construction business.
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Date: 2008-11-12
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