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NCKU Professor Elected as Fellow of CSME

The Secretary-General of the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and also the Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Woei-Shyan Lee (李偉賢), has been elected as a Fellow of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers (CSME) and will be awarded the Fellowship in the convocation ceremony on November 21st, 2008. Professor Lee is one of the only two Fellows of CSME elected this year. Academician Michael M.C. Lai, the President of NCKU, applauded Professor’s Lee outstanding academic achievement and contribution to NCKU in the field of engineering.

Furthermore, Mr. Dao-Hsin Chen (陳道星), the doctoral student advised by Professor Lee, also won the Award for Outstanding PhD thesis of the CSME.

Professor Lee’s research interests mainly apply to the high velocity impact and deformation, impact fracture mechanics and plasticity instability, constitutive equation of high-rate deformation, microstructural analysis of materials (TEM/SEM), and nanoindentation and microstructural evolution of thin films. His academic achievement can be recognized by his more than one hundred scientific articles published on prestigious academic journals. He also has served as a reviewer for more than ten renowned international journals.

Serving as the NCKU Secretary-General, Professor Lee assists the President to coordinate the administrative affairs and to help boost the international reputation of NCKU. Formerly as a Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he spared no efforts to connect the resource in-and-off campus in order to establish featured programs and laboratories, which made great deal of contribution to manpower cultivation.

Professor Lee has been active in various civic capacities. He has been a shareholder delegation of Managing Committee for National Development Fund, Executive Yuan and an examiner for Promotion Examination for Civil Service, Examination Yuan to offer his contribution over many governmental affairs.

Professor Lee’s achievement on science and education can be appreciated on many awards he received, including the Excellent Research Award of NCKU, Outstanding Alumnus Award of National United University, Outstanding Alumnus Award of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Outstanding Alumnus Award of National Kangshan Agricultural and Industrial Vocational Senior High School, Outstanding Engineering Professor Award of Chinese Institute of Engineers, Excellent Research Award of National Science Council, Award for Who’s who in the world and Award for who is who in Taiwan.

Professor Lee received his PhD in mechanical engineering from Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France and his B.S. and M.S degree both in mechanical engineering from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
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Date: 2008-11-17
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