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NCKU Hospital Superintendent Won Outstanding Manager Award

Dr. Jyh-Hong Chen (陳志鴻), the Superintendent of National Cheng Kung University Hospital, was named as the winner of “2008 Outstanding Manager Award”, which is deemed as Nobel Prizes for Taiwanese Industries in recognition of his contribution to the NCKU Hospital and great efforts of making hospital workers aware of entrepreneurship as well as customer-centric spirit.

In Dr. Chen’s endeavors to tap new resources and reduce expenses, the NCKU Hospital, located in the southern Taiwan with barren financial revenue, its annual profits mounted 70% more than last year, top of all public hospitals.

Dr. Chen’s strategies on reducing expenses are brought into effect on cost control, but never in expense of patient care and medical service quality, to overcome difficulties faced and posed with policy changes of the National Health Insurance. Furthermore, Dr. Chen also takes any measures and explores any resources to increase income flows of the NCKU Hospital. For example, Dr. Chen has promoted comprehensive physical checkup to community for preventive medical purposes. The number of people undergoing physical checkup in NCKU Hospital has doubled compared with that at 4 year ago.

Dr. Chen emphasizes on patients’ benefit more than hospital’s profits. In NCKU hospital, he added 32 Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which requires more funding because of the urgent demands for ICU. Certainly, NCKU Hospital always put patients in our minds and aims to be the best providers of the medical service of the greatest quality. It is also the mission of the NCKU Hospital along with the NCKU College of Medicine to endeavor to the best medical education institute in
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Date: 2008-11-27
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