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Multiculturalism News Series: NCKU Lifts the Veil of Islam and Creates First Muslim-friendly Campus


Muslim Students Association – NCKU Makes Major Step for Muslims Living in Taiwan


An increasing number of foreign students enroll at NCKU every year, and many of them are followers of Islam. At present, there are approximately 200 Muslim students at NCKU from places around the world, including Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and even Burkina Faso in West Africa. In response to this growing trend, in 2014 the Muslim Students Association-NCKU (MSA) was founded.more‧‧‧


Discrimination and Bias Are Everywhere, But Faith Makes the Heart Strong


In the three years since the foundation of the Muslim Students AssociationSA) at NCKU, exchange and communication with Muslim students around the world has proliferated. The opening of the prayer room in 2016 was considered a major milestone. For many Taiwanese people, Islam has always been a mysterious and even fearsome religion. However, our in-depth talks with Muslim students revealed that these foreign students, who strictly adhere to their doctrines, find strength in their faith. Born in societies governed by Islamic law, they were shocked when they travelled abroad and saw the misleading impressions caused by the media about their faith. This has prompted their determination to spread understanding of their religio. more‧‧

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Date: 2018-07-04
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