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NCKU College of Medicine and Harvard School of Dental Medicine Sign MOU

National Cheng Kung University will be making offers of admission to its first class of students at the School of Dentistry for the 2019 academic year. Dean of the College of Medicine, Jang-Yang Chang (張俊彥), led delegates- among which included Chair of the School of Medicine, Professor Shyh-Jou Shieh (謝式洲); Professor Shu-Fen Chuang (莊淑芬) at the Institute of Oral Medicine; Professor Oscar Guey Chuen Perng (彭貴春) at the College of Medicine (Office of International Affairs); Professor Chih-Hsien Chi (紀志賢); and Assistant Professor Yung-Chung Chen (陳永崇)- to make an official visit to the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston. On April 4th, in the presence of Director-General Douglas Yu-Tien Hsu (徐佑典) of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston, as well as representatives from both universities, Dean Jang-Yang Chang and Dean R. Bruce Donoff of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine signed the memorandum of understanding.

The newly established “School of Dentistry” at NCKU is of transgenerational, prospective, and innovative significance in Taiwan. NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su (蘇慧貞) attaches great importance to the future management and development of the School of Dentistry, encouraging proactive, long-term interactive relationships with top universities worldwide on education and research. The memorandum of understanding with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine is expected to give rise to the following: basic and clinical research, continuing education, conferences, workshops, and faculty exchange programs. It anticipates in-depth communications to both greatly enhance the innovations of education in the NCKU School of Dentistry, and to breathe new life into dental education in Taiwan.

Located in Massachusetts, Unites States, Harvard University was founded in 1636. Renowned for its history, academia, and influence in American higher education, this private Ivy League school is one of the most prestigious universities in the world that provides comprehensive programs in scientific research. Professor Shu-Fen Chuang, Director of the Department of Stomatology at the NCKU Hospital, points out that the Harvard School of Dental Medicine sits at the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, and thus has long gained abundant experience and outstanding performances in dental training programs. With help from Professor Jarshen Lin (林嘉賢) at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the NCKU School of Dentistry was given opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences regarding curriculum design and education with faculty members at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

As the most important medical center in southern Taiwan, NCKU Medical College understands that “Stomatology” is essential, and established the “Department of Dentistry” 30 years ago when the hospital was newly built. In 2002, the one and only “Institute of Oral Medicine” in southern Taiwan made its appearance, followed by the establishment of the “School of Dentistry” in 2019. “The time is ripe,” said the Dean of the College of Medicine, Jang-Yang Chang. “It is a milestone for NCKU Medical College to introduce the School of Dentistry.” With 30 years of experience in clinical training of stomatology as well as 16 years of well-grounded research, NCKU Hospital has long cultivated a complete teaching system in stomatology, and has trained nearly a thousand interns, PGYs (Post Graduate Year Program), and Residents. The NCKU College of Medicine offers substantial resources in teaching faculties, graduate programs, and internship opportunities at medical centers, providing students with a favorable learning environment.

On top of the abundant academic resources and comfortable environment, Director of the NCKU Institute of Oral Medicine, Yuh-Ling Chen (陳玉玲), said that in order to encourage interdisciplinary learning and developing second expertise, the School of Dentistry also provides optional courses on science and engineering, hoping to integrate traditional dentistry with novel digital technologies, as some of the outstanding faculties have done. Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Professor Dar-Bin Shieh’s (謝達斌) research in oral pathology combined with nanomedicine has been awarded the National Innovation Award many times; Professor Shu-Fen Chuang and Assistant Professor Yung-Chung Chen both specialize in biomechanics and biomaterials of dentistry; Professor Tung-Yiu Wong (王東堯) has developed the 3D simulation software in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NCKU. They all stand as top-notch interdisciplinary professionals.

National Cheng Kung University, School of Dentistry will be making first-time offers of admission in 2019, reserving 7 seats for students from indigenous communities or rural areas, in hope that they would make contributions to their hometown after graduation, subsequently raising the number of dental professionals in rural areas. The NCKU School of Dentistry expects students to devote themselves to improving oral healthcare in Taiwan in the future.
Provider: NCKU News Center
Date: 2019-04-12
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