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Becoming the Force the World can Trust! NCKU 90th Anniversary “Achieve Securely, Prosper Mutually”


Year 2021 marks National Cheng Kung University reaching its 90th anniversary. NCKU President Huey-Jen Jenny Su on February 9th introduced the key vision and motto for NCKU 90th anniversary, sharing the important event of the year.
In 1931, Tainan Technical College was established under the order of Government-General of Taiwan. In 2021, over two million people lost their lives in the COVID-19 pandemic. During this critical time when countless people are facing tremendous changes in their lives, NCKU takes on the responsibility, with our knowledge and skills, to become a strength to protect Taiwan. Together with fellow companions, we become the force that the world can trust.
As NCKU celebrates its 90th anniversary, we “achieve securely, prosper mutually,” President Su said. In the past 90 years, NCKU thrives through difficult times, and acts with effective resolutions. NCKU never shies away from challenges and shares the glories with friends.
The inspiring ideas behind the motto means to proceed with reserve. To be reserved implies to couch and to veil, and to proceed means to move and to behave. NCKU people characteristically keep a low profile and act with discretion, not aggrandizing ourselves and thus embarrassing others, but the value and virtue of our doings still show, glowing benevolently around.
Taking steps towards the future, President Su invites everyone to see a NCKU that is well-liked, respected, and more influential.
“Achieve Securely, Prosper Mutually” is the motto for NCKU 90th anniversary. NCKU grows to be more capable with the efforts made by many people in the 90 years and is now a university with high international influence. Facing the challenges that await in the future, NCKU promises to benefit more than itself, and to carry on with our compeers to build a better future together.
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Date: 2021-02-17
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