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President Han-Min Hsia Memorial Website



To all students, faculty, alumni, and friends of National Cheng Kung University,


Former President of NCKU, Han-Min Hsia, who laid the foundation of NCKU’s development with enormous effort and dedication, breathed his last at the age of 90, at 4am on June 18th 2021. We, NCKU students, faculty, alumni, offer our sincere condolences and are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved President.


President Hsia, an honest model for teachers and an honorable figure for politicians, dedicated his whole life to balancing the development between teaching, technology, and practice. “Pragmatic, dedicated attitude, the willingness to work around the clock and with the great effort of work integration” had always been the principle which President Hsia adhered to during his time as NCKU president from 1980 to 1988. President Hsia oversaw the expansion of Tzu-Chiang, Ching-Yeh, Li-Hsing, and Guiren Campuses, took the lead to establish the “National Cheng Kung University Alumni Association Center" to connect NCKU alumni, and transformed the engineering-oriented institution to a completely comprehensive university. During the lead of President Hsia, the establishment of the Medical Center (now NCKU Department of Medicine and NCKU Hospital), part of the 14 Major Constructions Project, served to balance the healthcare resources between urban and rural areas, giving the residents in southern regions the option to stay near home for medical treatments instead of traveling to the northern regions. President Hsia stood as an ever-lasting model for all NCKU, an unforgettable figure of prospective and selfless innovations.


At this moment, the family of President Hsia sincerely appreciates the caring words from all. Cremation will be on June 28 in Tainan, and will only be open to family and priest under the COVID-19 protocols. The ashes of President Hsia will rest in the Christian Peace Garden in Jinshan, New Taipei City. In respect to the family’s wishes, NCKU sets up the memorial website to offer friends and students a place to share their warm memories or photos of President Hsia and to remember our beloved President. The website link is as follows: https://reurl.cc/W3R355

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Date: 2021-06-22
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