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NCKU Encourages Students, Faculty, and Staff to Make the Best Use of Resources of Rapid Test During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Amy Lin, Image credit to News Center.
Facing the challenge of the COVID-19 epidemic peak, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) devotes to maintaining health of students, faculty, and staff. In order to encourage to do rapid COVID-19 self-test, on April 11th, Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, president of NCKU, Dr. Ching-Chang Lee, executive vice president, Dr. Pei-Jung Lu, the secretary general, Dr. Liang-Ming Whang, director of ESH Center, and Dr. Ming-Chi Li, director of the Health Center, inspected rapid-test station (located at the first floor, Yun Ping East Building, Kuang-Fu Campus), and exemplified the process of rapid self-test.
According to Dr. Su, president of NCKU, except the rapid test kit providing by NCKU, members of NCKU can bring their own test kit to rapid-testing station or do a home COVID-19 test. Most important of all, NCKU asks students, faculty, and staff to upload the result of rapid test to NCKU announcement platform(KUAP) to let school authority grasp everyone’s heath condition. Dr. Lee, executive vice president, advises NCKU members to take rapid-test every two weeks to make sure his or her health condition. NCKU authority also urges students, faculty, and staff who have participated trans-city activities to take rapid COVID-19 test before and after activities, which will protect both self and others’ health.
Center for Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (ESH Center) points out that the stock of rapid test kits in NCKU is sufficient. To avoid crowds and to enhance the efficiency of administrative process, members of NCKU ought to book rapid COVID-19 test on KUAP in advance, get the test kit in ESH Center and then do the test at rapid-testing station. In addition, there are instruction manual and video (by scanning QR Code) for references in the station.
Responding to COVID-19 cases' footprints on campus, NCKU has launched online courses on April 8th -17th, which aims to prevent epidemic transmission and to ensure students’ right to education. In addition, school authority calls for avoiding any trans-city travels or activities. If there are mid-term exams during this period, school authority suggests to postpone the exam or to take another assessment forms. For further information about online courses, please visit the following website: 
  1. Contingency plans for online courseshttps://reurl.cc/a529pl 
  2. Q&A about online learning: https://reurl.cc/ZQDgb6
  3. If you have any other questions, please contact NCKU Curriculum Division
Tel: (06) 2757575 Extension: 50158
【Tips for NCKU Rapid COVID-19 Test】
  1. Book rapid COVID-19 test on KUAP and get the rapid test kit in Center for Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (ESH Center) (located at the second floor, Yun Ping East Building, Kuang-Fu Campus).
  1. Move to rapid-testing station on the first floor after getting the rapid test kit.
  1. Disinfect your hands, scan QRcode on the table, watch or read the instruction manual and video of the rapid test.
  1. Before self-testing, disinfect the seat with alcohol.
  1. Check every part of your rapid test kit, read and follow the direction (the exemplified kit is Roche)
  1. Take out the collection swab.
  1. Look at the mirror and use collection swab to go into each nostril to get specimen.
  1. Place the swab into the liquid and turn the swab.
  1. Replace the nozzle and instill drops into collection chamber of your kit.
  1. Upload the photo of test result to KUAP.
  1. Done. You can check the test result on KUAP (Test Results Inquiry/ Rapid Test Result).
Provider: News Center
Date: 2022-04-18
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