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Czech-Taiwan academic collaboration for Semi-conductor : University of West Bohemia Delegation Visits NCKU

Written by Amy Lin. Image credit to News Center.
President Miroslav Lávička of UWB and President Meng-Ru Shen of NCKU discussed the academic collaboration for semi-conductor technology.
Aiming to facilitate the development of semiconductor industry in Czechoslovakia, a delegation led by Miroslav Lávička, the newly appointed president of the University of West Bohemia (UWB),  paid a visit to NCKU Academy of Innovative Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing (AISSM) on May 4th to explore the opportunity for future collaboration. The Czech delegation also included the Vice Dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at UBC and the former Czech Deputy Prime Minister.
NCKU-UWB collaboration was initiated in 2019 with college-to-college student exchange programs and expanded to university-to-university level in 2021. Arnošt Marks, the former Czech Deputy Prime Minister, had visited NCKU multiple times before the pandemic to support the academic collaboration between Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art at UWB and College of Planning and Design at NCKU.
UWB delegation visited NCKU AISSM on May 4th
"NCKU will introduce an exchange professor program to support UWB faculty members develop teaching capability of semiconductor technology," said Dr. Su, Yan-Kuin, Dean of Academy of NCKU AISSM. “NCKU’s professors will offer two-month intensive courses at UWB and invite UWB faculty members to deliver lectures or lead workshops.” Dr. Lin Chia-Hsiang, Director of Division of International Relations, welcomes Czech students for short-term research with Taiwan-Europe Connectivity Scholarships Program or Taiwan Semiconductor Scholarship Program. Furthermore, NCKU-UWB exchange students will be offered with intern placement at Taiwanese business in Czechoslovakia, supported by NCKU Butterfly Program. Dr. Lin noted that NCKU looks forward to establishing further exchanges and collaborations with UWB.
"UWB, as one of the leading technical universities in the Czech Republic, commits to promote technological research and innovation," said Dr. Chládková. “Taiwan's unique advantage in the semiconductor industry is highly recognized and would be complementary to the research capability development in Czechoslovakia. UWB looks forward to establishing a long-term collaborative partnership with Taiwan's technology industry."
University of West Bohemia (UWB) in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia
UWB was established in 1991 with the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Faculty and the Faculty of Education, as the Pilsen branch of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Nowadays, UWB has 62 departments,130 programs, two major institutions, four research and centers nine faculties, including Faculty of  Electrical Engineering, Faculty of  Arts, Faculty of  Economics, Faculty of  Education, Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of  Health Care Studies, Faculty of  Law, New Technologies Research Centre, and Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of  Design and Art.
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Provider: NCKU News Center
Date: 2023-05-24
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