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NCKU, the top-ranking university in Taiwan to deliver SDGs and the 24th globally by The Times Higher Education Impact Ranking

Written by Sarah Wu. Image credit to Office of Strategic Planning
NCKU ranks 24th in The Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2023, with the best performance of universities in Taiwan to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), marking a significant rise from the rank of 33rd in 2022.
The Impact Ranking uses performance indicators across all four core activities, including teaching, research, outreach, and the stewardship of resources, to outline the global universities’ progress towards tackling the world’s most significant challenges.
As the first university in Taiwan to introduce the UN SDG strategy plan, NCKU has been Taiwan’s highest-ranked university for four years in a row and a top performer in the SDGs related to innovation, health, and partnership.
NCKU commits to fulfilling the university’s social responsibility with academic excellence and sustainable performance
NCKU is the world’s 5th in SDG 9, “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.”
With achievement in talent cultivation and academic excellence, NCKU has successfully initiated a cross-sector collaboration with industry, governments, academics, and researchers to reinforce the R&D capability for innovation development and technology upgrades in Taiwan. 
The world’s 22nd in SDG 3, “Good Health and Well-Being”
NCKU has long contributed significantly to medical education and talent cultivation for good health and well-being in Taiwan and international countries. “The academic excellence of NCKU faculty and students are well recognized, as NCKU commits to deliver good health and well-being in research and real life,” sustains President Meng-Ru Shen of NCKU.          
The world’s 31st in SDG 17, “Partnership for the Goals”
NCKU has established an international partnership and collaboration network with universities worldwide, including “The Global Research Group - Asia SDGs”, a global research group chaired by NCKU and supported by Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). It aims to promote, implement, study and compile sustainable strategies, best practices and comprehensive solutions to SDG-related problems.
To achieve the 2030 UN Agenda, “Transforming Our World for Sustainable Development”, NCKU also initiated SDSN Taiwan (the Sustainable Development Solutions Network) to accelerate the implementation of SDGs and focus on practical problem-solving for sustainable development.
Worthy to note that NCKU has successfully implemented a “Responsible and Green transformation”, taking on SDG 12, “responsible consumption and production.” It featured programs for circular economy courses, green purchasing, and plastic reduction to establish the campus's awareness of sustainable academic citizenship.
University Social Responsibility To Take On The SDG Challenges
"We will continue to strengthen our “Green Skills” to respond to the urgent challenges in sustainable development,” noted Ping-Sheng Wu, Senior Vice President for NCKU sustainable campus planning affairs. “NCKU will continue to strive for contribution and value proposition in the international community. With the establishment of sustainable development strategic principle (SDSP), digitalization of sustainable development and decentralization toward ideal lifestyles are built to proceed with the sustainable transformation toward NCKU 2030.”

With international collaboration and partnership, NCKU commits to sustainable development strategies to tackle SDG-related Challenges.
“The annual Impact Ranking is a benchmark for our planning and governance on the campus. Additionally, SDGs help us to establish a more comprehensive framework, measure the results, and confirm our actions and investments. We commit resources to our goals that are practical, problem-solving, and can continue to produce tangible results.”
Provider: NCKU NewsCenter
Date: 2023-06-12
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